When the Mystical Power of the Chakras take over jewelry thanks to Caspita

Caspita is a sublime materialization of a thousand colors, a name chosen by Arlène Bonnant for its powerful and sincere message as it expresses admiration, joy and surprise – literally “my goodness” in Italian. The latest Chakra collection of the brand is a perfect representation of the spirited word the designer draws inspiration from.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Many women attach deep, personal significance to the jewels they wear. The Chakra Collection takes shape around the seven main chakras, recreating them with colorful precious stones in a variety of striking combinations. Stemming from Indian spirituality and designating seven centers of energy in the shape of symbolic lotus flowers, the Chakra jewelry pieces can be recognized through their unique color. In essence, each chakra embodies a world in itself, a sensibility, an emotion, and a deity.

Two things to remember from the Caspita Chakra Collection:

1-     Most, if not all of the jewelry pieces are transformable. For example, the Gigogne pendant can be worn as a single earring with the 7 chakras set one after another in their specific shape and color. It can also be worn as a necklace and finally you can enroll each chakra (like a snail) and clip it to the top in order to get a round ball paved with 136 rubies (2.2 carats).

2-     All of the pieces of the Chakra Collection feature the 7 chakras imagined, set, paved and mounted all together. Sometimes hard to spot … that may be the beauty of it.

Yellow Manipura Chakra- The Manipura symbol centers on the solar or power chakra and is translated as a ‘shining jewel’. Yellow gold, diamonds and yellow sapphires adorn a 10 sunrays sun symbol in a variety of rings, necklaces and bracelets to evoke a feeling of radiance and energy for the wearer. Caspita’s approach of breathing life into her jewelry as something special and emotional can be seen in the exquisite detailing of her pieces.

Red Muldhara Chakra- Rubies, gold and diamonds in earthly tones come together to relay the hidden yet powerful energy undercurrent of the root chakra – the inspiration behind the Muladhara symbol. The pieces capture the essence of the life energy of this chakra, helping the wearer remain connected to the earth. The Muladhara is the foundation of all of the chakras.

Orange Swadhisthana Chakra- In Sanskrit, «swadhisthana» means «sweetness» or «one’s home base» and this sacral chakra is the centre of sensuality and sexuality. A strong feeling of true joie de vivre and positive self-awareness stems from opening this chakra – something that the bespoke feast of blue and orange sapphires, lustrous diamonds and yellow, rose and white gold found in the pieces of the collection are able to evoke instantly as evident from the Caspita Secrète Chakra Swadhistana Ring, which is one of the twelve artfully embellished rings in the collection, each radiating extraordinary spirit and personality.

Caspita Chakra Collection pendants

Caspita Chakra Collection pendant gold

Caspita Chakra Collection ring

Caspita Chakra Collection two pendants

Green Anahata Chakra- Just as our hearts make us who we are and help us connect to the world – the Anahata symbol celebrates our capacity for compassion and empathy for others. As an emphasis of opposites and a reminder of the sense of peace that dwells deep within us all – the different pieces exude refined elegance through a combination of yellow, white and rose gold and cheeky green tsavorites.

Blue Vishuddha Chakra – As «vishuddhi» means «pure» in Sanskrit, the Caspita Vishuddha collection is about self-expression and opening up to the world through a range of statement rings, necklaces and bracelets – set with blue tanzanites and sapphires, white gold and diamonds to evoke feeling of serenity and completeness.

Purple Ajna Chakra – To celebrate the spiritual center of intuition or the Ajna chakra, there is no more fitting symbol than the one of the flower. Passionate violet amethysts and brilliant diamonds come together with white, rose and yellow gold to enhance the refined, sculpted beauty of the delicate flower designs in the Ajna collection.

All of the featured pieces are available at The Eye of Jewelry pup up store located at the Kempinski Hotel located Quai du Montblanc 19, 1201 Geneva.

Caspita Chakra Collection ring damonds white gold

Caspita Chakra Collection yellow gold diamonds

Caspita Chakra Collection pendant diamonds gold

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