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Best selection of men’s bracelets !

Discover a large selection of the most stunning men’s bracelets that can be found on the market by talented designers and respected brands. Check out at least 10 men’s bracelets spotted by the Eye of Jewelry for you!

Juste un Clou Bracelet
David Yurman
Silver and yellow gold bracelet 595 $
Dinh Van
Menottes Men Bracelet
Dinh Van
Pi independent cuff carbon and black diamonds
Barbed wire mix gold and black diamonds 8394 $
Le Gramme
Le 29 Grammes Bracelet 5540 $
David Yurman
Meteorite Leather ID Bracelet 1800 $
M. Cohen
From beach bym collection mix african glass carved silver detail bracelet 175 dollars
Jason of Beverly Hills
The Blue Sapphire Mesh Bracelet with white diamonds
Shamballa Jewels
Black Gold and Black Diamonds Bracelet 11600 €