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Best selection of men’s necklaces !

Discover a large selection of the most stunning men’s necklaces that can be found on the market by talented designers and respected brands. Check out at least 10 men’s necklaces spotted by the Eye of Jewelry for you!

Aaron Jah Stone
Necklace “heliades drop” in “sea bamboo”, amber, black opal australia
Pendant mounted on white gold
Dean Harris
Baroque pearl on lether cord – 550 $
Kannibal onyx necklace mounted on sterling silver –  824 £
M. Cohen
Stacked skulls tassel necklace mounted on sterling silver – 1’000 $
Anchor pendant necklace mounted on sterling silver
Shaun Leane
Sabre pendant mounted on white godl with black diamonds – 6’100 £
Stephen Webster
Switch blade silver pendant – 850 $
Blood diamonds pendant mounted on black and white gold with white diamonds
Feathered Soul
Arrow head pendant on silk cord – 340 $
Whistle oxidised silver pendant mounted on silver – 1’250 £