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Best signet rings selection !

Discover a large selection of the most stunning signet rings that can be found on the market by talented designers and respected brands. Check out at least 18 signet rings spotted by the Eye of Jewelry for you!

De Jaegher
Chevalière Heaven CW Ring 615 €
Gold plated and seal diamonds 177 €
Anissa Kermiche
Signet ring
Aurélie Bidermann
Turquoise scarab gold set with turquoise engraved stone 4800 €
Colette Jewelry
Colored knight ring
Colette Jewelry 
white gold and multi sapphires signet ring 2700$
De Jeagher
fancy delight ring in silver and white diamonds 845 €
The Nyx ring mounted on yellow gold with one diamond 935 CHF
Elise Dray
Rose gold and diamonds signet ring 3225 €
Jacquie Aiche
Carved agate green daisy cameo ring mounted on 14k rose gold 2250 $
Jacquie Aiche
Carved agate robyn cameo ring mounted on 14k rose gold  3125 $ 
Jemmy Wynne
Prive diamond shield yellow gold shield shaped diamond 
Jemmy Wynne
Prive emerald yellow gold and emerald square 
Jennifer Zeuner
Elizabeth diamond signet ring in gold and vermeil with a diamond solitaire 
Royal affaire ring in yellow gold and diamonds 6850 €
Virginie Carpentier
Rose gold ring with rhodolite 
Michelle Fantaci
Checkmate pinky ring gold with diamonds 
Nada G
pinky ring baby malak collection sprinkled with multi-coloured sapphires