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Best simple wedding bands selection !

Discover a large selection of the most stunning plain wedding bands that can be found on the market by talented designers and respected brands. Check out at least 19 rings spotted by the Eye of Jewelry for you!

Fedi wedding band
Incontro Wedding Band 800 €
Louis Vuitton
Epi Wedding Band 1780 €
Annel tournant bombe pink and white gold 1350 €
Godron Platinum Wedding Band 1530 €
Pointe de diamant platinum wedding band
Bee my love ring
De Beers
Wide court pink gold band 750 $
Bois de rose ring mounted on yellow gold 800 €
Jo Hayes Ward
Triple square stratus band mounted on yellow gold
Lorenz Baumer
Mega lorenz ring mounted on rose gold with white gold 2900 €
Ole Lynggaard
Nature ring
Tresse ring mounted on white and rose gold
Rebecca Overmann
Women’s carved triangle line band 575 $
Single Stone
2 mm hand engraved platinum band 1600 €
Stuart Moore
The Stuart Moore collection triband ring mounted on platinum 8695 $
Tiffany & Co
Lucida band ring yellow gold and platinum
Van Clef & Arpels
Toujours wedding band mounted on yellow gold
Eternal by mondial
Hestia ring mounted on yellow gold 2900 $