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Check the best selection of modern chokers !

Discover a large selection of the most stunning modern chokers that can be found on the market by talented designers and respected brands. Check out at least 10 modern chockers spotted by the Eye of Jewelry for you!

Aamaya by Priyanka
Velevet choker mounted on rose gold-plated and topaz 260£
Anissa Kermiche
Velvet choker mounted on gold with pearl 1’875 £
Carbon & Hyde
Reign hyde choker mounted on black leather choker features a sliding white-diamon-encrusted rose gold bail and pear-shaped pendant – 2’185 £
Daniela Villegas
Centipede choker necklace mounted on gold 1’932 £
Diane Kordas
Chocker mounted on gold with leather and diamonds 3’135 £ 
Jacquie Aiche
Blue diamond eye choker in leather with a center pave diamond eye 1’378 $
Cyrene mother-of-pearl choker mounted on yellow gold 790 £
Kismet by Milka
Velvet choker necklace mounted on rose gold with diamond evil eye station
Lynn Ban
Pavé cross stud’diamond leather choker 450 £
Leather & freshwater pearl convertible choker CHF 430