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Discover the best earcuffs !

Discover a large selection of the most stunning earcuffs that can be found on the market by talented designers and respected brands. Check out at least 15 earcuffs spotted by the Eye of Jewelry for you!

Aaron Jah Stone
Phoenix 3 feathers ear cuff
Colette Jewelry
White and black gold wing earring cuff white and black gold white grey black diamonds 5855 €
Ileana Makri
Eyelash gold diamond earring 836 €
Ileana Makri
Weeping Eyes white gold diamond and tsavorite 8343 €
Ileana Makri
Deco life cuff earring yellow gold with orange,yellow, and green sapphires 2165 €
Joelle jewellery
tour d’oreille feuille in white gold plated silver with white diamonds 2170 €
Leyla Abdollahi
Radiant rose gold pink tourmaline rhodolite diamond 2200 $
Maria Black
Ines Mono Ear Cuff mounted on 14kt white gold with one round diamond and ten meele diamonds 943€
Oscar de la Renta
Gold plated crystal earring 172 €
Phioro Jewellery
Aqua ray ear cuff with green peridot and yellow sapphires 
Wing ear cuff mounted on white gold with white diamonds grey pearl 8400 €
Aamaya saturn and two star mounted on rose gold plated silver with topaz and onyx 296 €
Sophie Brille Brahe
Gold diamond ear cuff 1296 €
Yvonne Leon
Ear cuff Diadème mounted on white gold with diamonds – 3275 €
Sophie Brille Brahe
Gold diamond ear cuff – 1869 €ff