Catherine Michiels

The world of fine jewelry turns its on Catherine Michiels’ exotic beaded bracelets that bring a much-needed touch of bohemian spirit and class.

Jewelry has always been known to reflect the wearer’s individuality and complement ever woman’s unique sense of style. However, more often than never the highly-ornate and embellished pieces end up overshadowing the inherent beauty and finesse of the feminine nature. Luckily, this is not the case with Catherine Michiels’ creations.

Wild at heart and in love with freedom, the designer has succeeded in imbuing her pieces with those emotions in a way that resonates with the wearer.  Spiritual consciousness and a strong love of life are reflected in the beautiful and free-flowing designs that are a nod to her nomadic nature and many travels. Combining the gift of sublime artisan talent with her love for celebrating the inherent beauty in the world, Catherine has defined the ethos of her brand as one with Nature and with the world of haute jewelry.

Having studied gemmology and diamond grading, and spent a considerable amount of time in the fashion industry, Catherine’s unique designer style and captivating aesthetic. She has specialized in relaying the multiple cultural inspirations she encounters on her travels in the multifaceted pieces that symbolize the never-ending search for freedom and spiritual awareness.

Since the introduction of her first line of enamel pendants in 2002, Catherine Michiels has been bringing together the world of fine jewelry with that of the spiritual realm. The enchanting collections show a level of dedication to the craft as well as bohemian aesthetic that captivates with untamed, pure and passionate beauty. Each piece is hand-crafted to perfection, using leather, silk, gold, silver and precious stones in distinctive combinations to accentuate the diversity of the symbols and elements used.

Deeply symbolic and very personal – Catherine’s jewelry is the true expression of the individuality, freedom and spirituality of the modern, independent woman.

Catherine Michiels Portrait
Catherine Michiels
Shaman's feather #6 necklace
Catherine MichielsShaman's feather #6 necklace
Catherine Michiels"Très petit bob" pendant mounted on sterling silver with sapphire ~ USD$ 139
Catherine Michiels"A white buddha" Japanese mosaic cubes and pryrite Buddha's head
Catherine Michiels Maximillien rainbow ring mounted on sterling silver with sapphires ~ USD$ 800
Catherine MichielsMaximillien rainbow ring mounted on sterling silver with sapphires ~ USD$ 800

Catherine Michiels

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