6 extraordinary black opales set by Chopard

Chopard unveils Fleurs d’Opales, a fascinating High Jewelry collection combining earth elements to vivid floral patterns set with a variety of colorful stones.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Chopard Fleurs d'Opale

Inspired by the captivating diversity in nature and its multifaceted beauty, Chopard revealed several exquisite floral rings designed around the mystic opal. The full collection includes 6 uniques pieces set with a large opal as center stone, which accentuates the fine craftsmanship that went into the making of the compositions.

Known and sought after for its mystical and symbolic significance, the opal has always captivated and enchanted designers with the infinite possibilities of its nature. Hypnotic, permeating and opulent, it adds a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to every piece that it adorns. Today, Chopard has finally succeeded in creating a collection worthy of its ethereal essence and enchantment. Setting titanium and zirconium with sapphires, amethysts, tsavorites, rubies, spinels and black diamonds accentuate the dark yet magical beauty of the stone. The line encapsulates the best features of each of these precious stones without subduing the rest. The flora and fauna have long been topics of infinite inspiration in the world of haute-jewelry, but it is just now that a brand manages to relay their underlying and inherent beauty with such finesse, opulence and elegance without taking away from the mystic allure. The unique pieces shine bright with their flawless execution – the result of centuries of perfected goldsmithing techniques and gemstone carving of the highest quality. Faithful to its commitment to sustainable sourcing, Chopard stays true to its principles with the Fleurs d’Opales collection as well with all stones being fully traceable. Chopard works in hands with the Aurora Gems opal mine, a family-own business founded in 1962 in Australia.

The story of the gem from its crude form to an exceptional jewel
Ancient Greeks and Romans were well aware of the power and mystical allure of the opal, going as far as attributing it magical qualities. No other stone has permeates human history so much with its captivating presence, fiery radiance and mythical allure. Powerful, yet refined, magnificent and iridescent, the opal mesmerises with its translucent beauty and ethereal nature. Its fluidity and elusive charm have made it a symbol of wholeness, a sacred manifestation.

Chopard unveils Fleurs d'Opale ring

Chopard unveils Fleurs d'Opale green

Chopard unveils Fleurs d'Opale blue

Chopard unveils Fleurs d'Opale pink green

Chopard unveils Fleurs d'Opale pink diamonds

Chopard masterfully captures the complexity and mysticism of the opal with the collection of six rings that resemble vibrant talismans. The perfect alchemist’s blend becomes alive in these vibrant and surreal creations that offer an unaparalled interpretation of the stone’s inherent beauty.

The creations
Enchantingly different, mesmerizing and otherworldly… Those are some of the qualities that Chopard’s opal flowers relay through superb combination of craftsmanship techniques, artisan know-how and extraordinary materials. The addition of light and unpretentious elements, such as titanium daws the attention further to the permeating magnificence of the opal and accentuates its essence. The other element, making an appearance for the first time in Chopard’s creation is zirconium and it offers a breath of fresh air in the highly conservative world of haute-jewelry.

The rings exhibit a vibrant harmony of colour, form and materials with the opal being the centrepiece in all six models. The petals are delicately and beautifully set to resemble lacework of precious stones, completing the harmonious arrangement of rubies, sapphires, tsavorites, lazulites, spinels, rubies, demantoid garnets and diamonds.

Gold in different nuances comprises the body of the rings and complements the charmingly gentle compositions without subduing them.

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