Sparkling drops of water with Bvlgari, Cartier and Chopard

In a photoshoot dedicated to glamour, splendour and summer, the high jewelry pieces from the Italian, the French and the Swiss houses have been set into a pool scenario for women of all generations. Get a snapshot on who wears what …

Author By Eleonor picciotto

An air of holidays…
In an ambient warm breeze of summer, a few steps away, the swimming pool is calling for a dive. Maintening elegance and style at all times, diamonds are let by the side of the teak ledge of the pool where sunrays run through the sparkling stones and navigate in between the drops of water like a ballet dancer…

The Ballerina from Bvlgari is a three rows necklace of fully articulated diamond navettes set in white gold with brilliant cut diamonds used as links. And before it gets splashed, diamonds are put aside without forgetting the high jewelry rings of the Italian collection as it would be a shame to wet a pink sapphire ring worth 6.97 carats mounted on platinum and set among 1.60 carats of baguette cut and 0.76 carats of brilliant cut diamonds and have it slid over the finger. The oval shaped Madagascar sapphire of 5.55 carats including two step cut diamonds worth 1 carat each cannot be lost either in the pool skimmer !

Back at work…
Always have, always been, the Panther is the iconic animal of the legendary house of Cartier. Set with diamonds and onyx, the necklace is like a jewelry version of the black-spotted skin of the iconic and legendary feline. Rigid and articulated at the same time, the succession of scales are set one by one following the movement of the piece.

Chopard Red Carpet set Shot by Lenaka Studio - Directed by Eleonor Picciotto
Chopard Red Carpet set – Shot by Lenaka Studio – Directed by Eleonor Picciotto

Of course, a matching ring in the shape of a panther set in white gold with 448 diamonds and black onyx is holding three faceted stones in oval shape: two green beryls of different intensities and one aquamarine.

Leveling it up…
Rising up the standards, if the Bvlgari set belonged to the daughter, the Cartier set would be own by the business mom and the last but not least could be the heritage of the grand mother.

Red Carpet and Chopard, a longtime love story in which the Swiss jewelry house dedicated a full collection to it. The deep blue cushion cut sapphire worth 160 carats is set on a white gold chain paved with 57.17 carats of pear and brilliant cut diamonds exclusively. Not to mention the two large diamonds of 5.55 carats in cushion cut and a 4.41 carat pear shape overlooking the unique precious stone. On the side, and just for the sake of wearing a bracelet, 128.32 carats of brilliant cut diamonds or 330 stones are set within 9 rows on platinum. Who said you must remain discreet?

What a summer apparel ! Don’t stay too much in the water, sunburns are right around the corner… Advice, use your diamonds for protection !

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Cartier Panther Set Shot by Lenaka Studio - Directed by Eleonor Picciotto
Cartier Panther Set – Shot by Lenaka Studio – Directed by Eleonor Picciotto
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