A tradition of excellence and innovative vision marks the way of Chopard’s journey in the world of spellbinding Swiss luxury that conquered the world!

In the distant 1860 the unmatched talent and uncanny attention to detail of a gifted craftsman marked the birth of one of the world’s most iconic jewellery houses today. Born out of a vision for perfection, precision and timeless elegance – Chopard quickly became a household name, renowned for creativity, high-quality craftsmanship and inspiring design.

Originally started as a family-owned and oriented business, the brand has had a tumultuous past with its acquisition by the Scheufele family marking a period of spectacular development and reinvention. Under the new management Chopard has gained momentum and established itself amongst the leaders in the high-end watch and jewellery industry.

The brand has recently embarked on a mission for the production and distribution of sustainable jewelry, launching a project called The Journey to Sustainable Luxury in 2013. In partnership with Livia Firth’s Green Carpet Challenge and the Alliance of Responsible Mining (ARM) Chopard has turned a new page in its history by shifting the focus from profit to corporate responsibility and supporting small-scale goldmines in South America.

Their latest lines of spectacular jewellery – the Green Carpet Collection and the diffusion line of Fairmined gold pieces – have made headlines around the globe with natural, clean designs and subtle, eye-catching elegance. With an exclusive process of production that monitors quality to the last detail to ensure the highest level of purity – the Palme Verte collection comprises several pieces that are enchantingly different and captivating with simple, classy designs with every one of the jewellery incorporating the delicate leaf motif of the Palme d’Or trophy. Truly the brand’s best move to celebrate its 60th anniversary as it’s been making for the Cannes Film Festival since 1998.

In the world of tomorrow – Chopard is bridging the gap between ethical jewellery and promoting the highest level of precision and perfection in the luxury industry. An ambition mission that is sure to lead the brand down a path to success.

Chopard The Palme d'Or Fairmined
Chopard Happy Hearts bracelet
ChopardHappy Hearts bracelet
Chopard Green Carpet collection
ChopardGreen Carpet collection
Chopard Ice Cube Pure necklace
ChopardIce Cube Pure necklace
Chopard Happy Ocean
ChopardHappy Ocean


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