Chopard High Jewelry’s masterpiece: the Queen of Kalahari, coming from arid lands

Chopard Kalahari diamants

Chopard’s most dazzling ever jewellery collection has arrived. The ultra-rare 342 carat diamond has been elevated to another level by the Genevan brand’s technical talent and artistic flair.

Author By Isabelle Guignet

Exceptional! That’s the right word to describe Chopard’s jewelry collection entitled Queen of Kalahari. The Geneva based brand’s masterpiece is made from a single 342 carat stone that has produced 23 satellite diamonds including five central stones weighing over 20 carats each. The Queen of Kalahari High Jewelry set is a stricking record for Chopard. This super-high-end piece blends heart, pear and cushion-shaped diamonds in a choker that can be customised to suit your style or mood.

This one-of-a-kind gem deserved a special journey. The diamond of infinite beauty was found in the Karowe mine in Botswana. Chopard who wanted to explore “every possibility and represent all diamond cuts to make them even more exceptional than they already were,” says Caroline Scheufele, Chopard’s co-president. As a breathing soul of the Garden of Kalahari, these five flawless and incredibly beautiful stones are primarily cut for the necklace which morphs into a standalone choker. There’s an ingenious invisible mechanism that detaches the necklace in the middle so a flower can be inserted for extra flair. Three individual pendants can also be clasped to it including the 50 carat brilliant-cut diamond, the 26 carat heart-shaped and the 25 carat pear-cut diamond. Whether worn alone or together with all three unique stones on the necklace the piece becomes more dazzling than it could ever be.

Last but not least. Chopard has delved deep into its ingenious jewelry expertise to the point where the necklace’s heart and pear-cut diamonds can be worn as matching earrings adorned with or without the flower and brilliant-cut diamond. The Queen of Kalahari collection also comprises a secret watch, two rings and a cuff with two emerald-cut diamonds in the collection.

Once more, Chopard has proven that its Queen of Kalahari collection is undoubtedly a D Flawless diamond work of art that signed the makings of a masterpiece.

Chopard The Queen of Kalahari necklace
Chopard – The Queen of Kalahari necklace
Chopard The Queen of Kalahari earrings
Chopard – The Queen of Kalahari earrings 
Chopard The Queen of Kalahari ring
Chopard – The Queen of Kalahari ring 
Chopard The Queen of Kalahari secret watch
Chopard – The Queen of Kalahari secret watch
Chopard Caroline Scheufele with The Queen of Kalahari set
Chopard – Caroline Scheufele with The Queen of Kalahari set 
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