Claudia Oddi

Claudia Oddi is a true New Yorker with an Italian spirit. Her Milanese heritage helped her shape contemporary jewelry with international relevance that instantly strikes a chord with the wearer on a molecular level.

Claudia Oddi’s jewelry has all the effortless finesse and cosmopolitan spirit one can expect to see in a New Yorker. Born and raised in Manhattan, she has managed to infuse the city’s vibrant pace into her sculpted pieces that are both powerful and delightfully feminine.

Profoundly influenced by the prestigious artistic and cultural contexts of the international scene and guided by her artistic upbringing, Claudia continued her growth as a designer by exploring different techniques and traditional methods of jewelry-making. She adopted centuries-old secrets of master goldsmiths of Florence together with her modern outlook on the way a piece should feel and look like for a bespoke combination of finesse, clarity of composition and substance of texture. This led to the creation of the brand, which relies heavily on the re-interpretation of classic designs in a modern, contextually-appropriate way.

Sometimes austere but surprisingly elegant, the combination of precious metals and stones with unconventional materials became the hallmark of Claudia Oddi’s collections. Her beloved lines Pop, Rainbow and Equalizer transform the identity of jewelry by infusing an entire generation’s spirit and influence in its magnetic appearance. The end result is something much more than a mere accessory, but rather a powerful symbol of the underlying driving forces behind social change.

Her designs are charmingly youthful and surprisingly elegant at the same time – a combination that appeals to a large base of clients. Claudia refines popular symbols and cultural references to bring a highly stylized representation of luxury and passion that generate strong emotional charges.

The brand’s refined and exclusive collection of diamond-encrusted rings, earrings and bracelets in an array of psychedelic colours quickly became a favourite with socialites and A-listers alike, sending Claudia Oddi in the lines of top international jewellers for her creative, passionate and fluid designs.

Claudia Oddi jewelry
Claudia Oddi
Claudia Oddi Long stripe earring mounted on gold with rhodium, sapphires, amethyst and tsavorite
Claudia OddiLong stripe earring mounted on gold with rhodium, sapphires, amethyst and tsavorite
Claudia Oddi Skin neck mouth necklace mounted on gold
Claudia OddiSkin neck mouth necklace mounted on gold
Claudia Oddi Multicolor ring mounted on gold
Claudia OddiMulticolor ring mounted on gold
Claudia Oddi Gold earring mounted on yellow gold
Claudia OddiGold earring mounted on yellow gold

Claudia Oddi

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