Our week’s favorite: Cohearted’s fetish handcuffs

Half provocative, half creative, the young designer’s collection succeeds in transforming the handcuff into a graphic and glamorous jewel.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Spotted during the Paris Fashion Week, the jewelry signed Cohearted is catching our curiosity. With their signature motif – the handcuff with broken chains – declined over and over again, between XXL bracelets, statement rings, and pendants, the collection has taken the side of boldness. And it must be said that the result is rather successful.

Outflow ring in pink gold and diamonds, Cohearted.

The designer of the label, who came to jewelry out of passion, challenged himself by transforming the handcuff into an unconventional but highly desired piece of jewelry. Two years of work were necessary to make this technical object, equipped with a mechanism operated by a key to be worn around the neck, the masterpiece of a new style, which defends freedom in all its forms. It’s about reaching out to a diverse clientele and adapting to all body types. More than a jewelry brand, Cohearted is above all a state of mind, which celebrates those who have the courage to break their chains.

“Les maillons de la Liberté” bracelet, in yellow gold and diamonds, Cohearted.

Our favorite pieces? The  XXL handcuff, a visual piece, and its miniature pendant, the  Outflow ring, which adapts to the shape of each finger. Versatile, it can also be worn as a pendant. Available in three golds, the handcuff is embellished in diamonds studded, half-paved or full-paved versions. At Cohearted, we also cultivate the spirit of contradiction!

Impertinence earrings in yellow gold and diamonds, Cohearted.
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