5 jewelry brands spotted at Vicenza Oro

Crieri is an expert in diamond tennis bracelets while Panos y Savas are Greek jewelers specialized in fine designs for day-to-day wear. BE8 is the new cool brand founded by two brothers and Marco Dal Maso son of a famous Italian jeweler takes his inspiration is ancient Maori cultures. Last but not least, Chevaliere 1976 a sub brand of the Oro Trend group is the number one producer of signet rings, the new it-jewel to wear!
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Author By Eleonor picciotto

Walking through the aisles of Vicenza Oro looking for new talents isn’t always easy nor obvious to find new brands worth checking out. Moreover, finding new brands with creative jewelry that are well-made, properly set, with stones of quality and caliber, and a DNA only they own is way harder than it seems. As a matter of fact, 1500 exhibitors fill the 7 halls of the Vicenza Oro fair twice a year in January and September eager to attract the eyes of journalists and trigger the envy to spend for the buyers.

The Eye of Jewelry spotted five promising talents, if not superstars already …but in Italy only! Let’s cry it out to the world.


When Alessandro Saracino and Cristiano Annaratone created Crieri in 2005, they specialized in diamond rivers but their core business plan was a B-to-B distribution. In 2007, they filed a patent for their technical development of the diamond rivers which happened to be unique on the market: light, supple and strong. Last year, Crieri partnered with the Spanish group Facet to launch the product on the retail market now available to the consumer. If the Marylin bracelet consists of one line of diamonds, the Cashmere bracelet can be set up to 21 rows of diamonds! Their strenght: the palette of colors ranging from solid white diamonds to vivid colored diamonds such as chocolate, blue or yellow! #wewant #welove #tennispassion #crieri

Panos & Savas

Since 1979 Panos & Savas have established their reputation in Greece as fine jewelry designers offering a wide range of delicate designs to wear everyday. Easy, simple and somehow classic, the rings and pendants with diamonds close set are exquisite on the skin !

Crieri jewelry
Panos & Savas necklace rose gold diamonds
Panos & Savas
Marco Tamoko jewelry diamonds
Marco Dal Maso
Otto Jewels rings diamonds
Otto Jewels
Otto Jewels diamonds black diamonds
L'originale Chevalier 1980 dimoands rose gold 3 rings
L’originale Chevalier 1980

Marco Dal Maso

If a Maori is the original name of New Zealander, Ta Moko means tatoo in the ancient Maori Language. Marco Tamoko, son of a respected Italian jeweler takes full inspiration in the beliefs of the ancient culture of what is described to be the land of the long white cloud! After traveling the world in 2006, Marco came back to Vicenza -his hometown- with a desire to have a project of his own. Supported by DML (Luigino Dal Maso), his father’s company who owns a small goldsmith’s workshop and craft every piece of jewelry by hand. Marco realized how poor the selection was for men’s fine jewelry… therefore, he focused on designing cool and edgy yet masculine pieces made of gold and set with diamonds. The chain bracelet or necklace called Warrior is the perfect representation of its style. Each link of the chain is hand-made where the hammered aspect of it comes from the idea of representing the surface of the rock!


Two years ago, two brothers Andrea and Beppe Callegari, who grew up in the jewelry industry decided to launch BE8. They combined the guts they had with some of the talents surrounding them to the variety of experiences they gathered over the years to develop a fine jewelry brand full of meanings and life messages to create their own world. Are you ready to join?

L’Originale Chevalier 1980

Working for some big names of the industry, the Oro Trend group has been a manufacturer of high-end jewelry setting precious gemstones for international markets since 1980 out of their Valenza atelier. Understanding the value and importance given to the signet ring, the founders Aldo Bellotto and Sandro Ferraris rapidly developed a brand specializing in signet ring designs. The Originale Chevalier offers over 150 models set with diamonds, sapphires, mother of pearl, lacquer… in a variety of shapes ranging from classic to edgy styles!

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