Cristina Ortiz

Born in Spain and living in Italy, Cristina Ortiz is an expression of the secret extension of the female essence beautifully revealed through the sophisticated synthesis of form and meaning in her jewelry creations.

Highly-crafted with gold, metal and diamonds – Cristina Ortiz’s creations boast a feeling of intrinsic dominance without compromising the soft touch of femininity. Her masterful ability to capture the harmonious blend between surreal forms and delicate designs brilliantly conveys the eternal struggle between light and darkness.

Her creations are one-of-a-kind in the sensations they evoke through a powerful enchantment of passion and dark mystery. In a way she creates so much more than jewelry – sensual armour for the strong-willed contemporary woman if you will. Taking inspiration from the distant world and the unseen mysteries of the astral planes – her visions materialize in enigmatic motifs and patterns that mark the ethos of her craft.

The premier collections brilliantly convey the designer’s philosophy that “jewelry is not an accessory but rather the secret extension of our essence”. The clarity of composition and minimalistic execution of the designs complements perfectly the clean, gentle forms and shapes of the pieces. the end result conveys vibrant sensitivity, manifesting itself through the power of the symbols and materials – a sonorous beauty invoking otherworldly enchantment.

Drawing inspiration from the modern, independent woman – Cristina’s self-described “muse” – she manages to relay the fine balance of power and femininity through clean lines, shimmering diamond and precious gold. Fairy-tale forms, aggressive symbols and mysterious references are masterfully recreated in bespoke jewelry designs that captivate the imagination.

Her strong fashion sensibility and creative focus dictates the tone of the collections, which play on the contrast between seemingly opposite powers – light and darkness, power and fragility, conflict and harmony. The strong identity of the pieces is accentuated thanks to Cristina Ortiz’s recognizable style, which has left its mark on her fashion lines as well as jewelry collections.

Cristina Ortiz

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