De Beers

Exquisite hand-made diamond jewelry with a level of sophistication like no other – the De Beers difference.

Impeccable craftsmanship and ethereal designs are the two signature streaks of the renowned brand for centuries. Always pushing the boundaries of fine jewellery creation, De Beers became synonymous for design innovation and superior craftsmanship. Redefining the boundaries of creative artistry and diamond excellence has shaped the company’s vision and made it the global trademark that it is today.

De Beer’s inspiration is as luminous and eternal as its source- the diamond in all its earthly, ethereal glory. By exploring the natural beauty of the most precious stone of them all, the brand manages to outshine competition by achieving an uncanny level of elegance and timeless appeal in all of its wondrous designs.

The beautiful balance of power and grace defines the collections, where brilliance, femininity and delicacy are entwined in a surreal blend of quality and luxury that dazzles and inspires. The emotional journey of design through diamond selection and coming together of the piece is characterized by great attention to detail, dynamic compositions and exceptional execution. The final result is jewelry full of poise, strength and individuality.

125 years of experience define the craftsmanship ethos of De Beers, helping them match the infinitely detailed perfection of the natural world. By honouring its heritage and pioneering new techniques, the brand has succeeded in delivering such remarkable lines like the Talisman collection and the Aria collection, whose regal mystique and wondrous allure continues to captivate today.

Maintaining the highest working standards is amongst the secrets to De Beers’ success with the brand priding itself on maintaining close relationships with trusted ateliers, whose experts ensure uncompromising quality, craftsmanship and integrity.

The ever-so-intriguing creations of De Beers captivate with unique qualities, luminous secrets and infinite depths with each individual piece being the result of exceptional artistry combined with our unique diamond mastery.

De Beers' craftsmanship
De Beers
De Beers Fancy Grey Master Diamond
De BeersFancy Grey Master Diamond
De Beers Sunset Frost necklace
De BeersSunset Frost necklace
De Beers Talisman necklace
De BeersDe Beers Talisman necklace
De Beers Drops of light earrings
De BeersDrops of light earrings
De Beers Aria Bracelet
De BeersAria Bracelet

De Beers

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