De Beers celebrates the 10th Anniversary of their talismans

Diamonds and diamonds only, needless to mention De Beers’ policy. From the purest white to the lightest blue or a vivid citrus color, polished or not and cut in a variety of shapes, the diamonds set in the Talismans collection are quite singular.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

The wondrous sphere

The high point of the collection – the Wondrous Sphere embodies all ethereal and inherent qualities of the diamond through the fusion of light and nuance. Motion and dynamic are relaied through the mobile circles – a touching and bautiful nod to man’s never-ending quest for illumination.

The duality of the Talisman collection brings together seemingly conflicting concepts, such as harmony and creating a truly poetic representation of artistic creativity. The exuberant universe of diamonds, symbolic of the underlying power and mysticism of Earth’s realm, can be fitted inside a single jewel through exquisite techniques and superb atisan know-how that are both displayed in this collection. The end result is jewelry that resonates with the wearer’s deep, unspoken and inherent desires, emotions and dreams – an emotion as pure as the stone that captures and illuminates it. De Beers’ fine craftsmanship transforms the Talisman lines into iconic symbols of man’s innate need to seek perfection and obtain it at any cost.

A large variety of color hues are captured in the four new Talisman models that feature extremely rare and exclusive rough and polished diamonds. The designs are created around the stones and complement their shape and brilliance without subduing it.

The unique ‘hallmark’ setting of the collection is characterized by the specific positioning of the stones with hand-raised points of gold gripping the diamond and lifting it above the surface. This further draws attention to the essence of the precious stone, accentuating the beautiful contrast between rough and polished textures.


De Beers, wildly renowned as the Jeweller of Light, celebrates the 10th anniversary of its bespoke Talisman collection. A palette of vivid colors, illuminating rough and polished diamonds at the same time.

Diamonds sparkle in their purest form with inherent beauty that only true connoisseurs can appreciate. Their organic fluidity echoes with the underlying forces of nature and evoke a feeling of eternity triggered in the most precious, most delicate treasures in this world. Known for pioneeing the use of rough diamonds in haute jewelry, De Beers decided to revisit their iconic Talisman collection they presented in Paris, during the Haute Couture week early July.

Romantic, captivating and magnificenly opulent – the collection caresses all senses with its powerful symbolism and ethereal qualities.

Bringing together two of Nature’s greatest gifts – rough and polished is a celebration of duality in all its glory and mystical allure. Stunning craftsmanship and superb artisan know-how allow for a kaleidoscope of light and purity, with a splendid palette of vibrant eartly colors set as incrusted in gold.

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