De Bethune

De Bethune has proved their remarkable artistic take on watchmaking into the creation of unique horological creations. An independent brand whose electrical blue made their signature.

Explore a world of cutting-edge technologies implemented in the spirit of the great 18th century master watchmakers. Exemplary technical prowess and meticulous craftsmanship define the philosophy of De Bethune, where extreme chronometric precision becomes the standard against which everything is measured. The vision of tomorrow’s watchmaking takes on a new dimension in today’s world through a striking combination of art, history and horological traditions.

When Denis Flageollet and David Zanetta joined forces to create the winning formula back in 2002, they had aesthetic and technical meet. In just eleven years after the launch of De Bethune, they saw the reward of their constant and dedicated commitment. After nine patents, thirteen calibres and fifteen world première innovations, De Bethune remains the vehicle of time-honoured experience coupled with historical and artistic erudition, as well as its aesthetic flair and passion for beauty. The manufacturers are regarded as modern day alchemists whose sense of adventure is reminiscent of the epic intellectual endeavours of the Age of Enlightenment.

De Bethune offers models enshrining the quintessence of mechanical horology. Just a few hundred connoisseurs around the world are fortunate enough to lay their hands on a watch of that much complexity and timelessly elegant design. The brand’s collections all starting with the initials of the brand followed by a number– DB16, DB27, DB25, DB28 and DB29 – are characterized their atypical watch case with dials and hands that appear to be floating weightless over the movement.

Drawing inspiration from centuries-old technical traditions, De Bethune is a brand that finds success in translating the techniques of yesterday into the contemporary language of tomorrow, guiding the elaboration of the mechanisms in the heart of Geneva. The pioneering work of the brand is accomplished by consistently forging new paths in conveying the heritage of time-honoured experience.

De Bethune DB25 watch
De BethuneDB25
De Bethune DB16 watch
De BethuneDB16
De Bethune
De Bethune DB26 watch
De BethuneDB26
De Bethune DB28T serti watch
De BethuneDB28T serti

De Bethune

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De Bethune DB25 Snow-White

Iconic blue, emblematic DB25, in-house caliber, impeccable taste in reputation, DeBethune has proven once again to be like no others.