Diane Kordas

Bridging the gap between layerable and statement-making, the fine jeweler, Diane Kordas offers modern fine jewels with a rock n’ roll edge.

New-York born, Diane Kordas began her career as a fashion designer after graduating from Parsons School of Design. Thanks to her greek husband, she discovers the world of jewelry and the craftsmen of Athens, who raised her interest in fine jewels.

Inspired by Mediterranean culture, Diane Kordas first collection is a direct reference to the Evil Eye, a Greek talisman believed to ward off evil. Her exuberant and colorful Evil Eye bracelets get her to an auspicious start in the jewelry industry. She launches her eponymous brand in 2000 that has propelled her since as a legitimate international brand sold worldwide and featured in the most prestigious magazines.

Intricate but simple in their design, her fine jewelry pieces fit perfectly our daily wardrobe bringing a touch of glamour. With the Amulette line, Diane Kordas reintroduces the ancient practice of wearing a meaningful perfume close to one’s heart, your own or that of someone you love.

For this collection, the London-based jeweler has designed a range of perfume amulets embellished with diamonds and black onyx. Crafted in 18k gold, her collection combines black, white and colored diamonds, as well as sapphires and other semi precious stones.

Her jewelry references, from classic geometry to Pop Art, provide an endless opportunity for creativity. Definitly, Diane Kordas hasn’t finished to delight her growing fan circle with her playful modern fine jewels.

Diane Kordas Jewelry Designer
Diane Kordas
Diane Kordas Large Kite Amulette
Diane KordasLarge Kite Amulette
Diane Kordas Diamond Line Amulette
Diane KordasDiamond Line Amulette
Diane Kordas Evil Eye bracelet with turquoise
Diane KordasEvil Eye bracelet with turquoise
Diane Kordas BOOM necklace with pink sapphire 
Diane KordasBOOM necklace with pink sapphire 

Diane Kordas

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