Dinh Van is surfing the summer wave of colors with the new Menotte Necklace

Four limited editions of colored pearls set the iconic menotte necklace to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Dinh Van throughout the summer.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

The menotte clasp was first used to close pearl necklaces. Overtime, it has become one of the iconic signature of Dinh Van offering the Menotte as a bracelet, a pendant or even a ring. The Menotte wasn’t only useful anymore, it existed as a design by itself. What a success. The embraced handcuffs were created in 1976. Fourty years later, the Menotte is still à la page!

To celebrate the anniversary of the brand, the in-house team has chosen 4 colored stone with intense hues to highlight the timeless design of the necklace.

– The Blue Lapis matches the yellow gold to perfection.

– The Red Coral from the Mediterranean sea brings warmth to the red gold clasp.

– The Australian green Chrysoprase remains discreet to highlight the diamond paved Menotte.

– And finally, the marbled color of the Howlite melts with the white of the diamonds.

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