Smoothness, delicacy and roundness bring forth the new era of Dior excellence in delivering a sensual experience of infinite luxury.

Dior Joaillerie has always distinguished itself with its deep house-signature that translates in pieces with strong, uncontrived character. The ultimate expression of sartorial elegance is achieved through a unique combination of exceptional and rare stones, whose cut and qualities are enhanced by state-of-the-art setting techniques.

The exceptional world of Dior is defined by their timeless elegance – courtesy of the original gouache design by Victoire de Castellane. The hand-crafted collections are imbued with historical references and stand out with pure compositions, powerful forms and daring palettes of colours. Preserving and perpetuating the history of haute couture creations, Dior Joaillerie transcends usual artistic creativity and exuberance with creations of extra soul and character.

A vivid and exuberant quality is seen throughout the brand’s most beloved collections – Bois de Rose, Le Bal, Rose Des Vents and Oui – shine with remarkable brilliance and colour palette. Extravagance blends with sophistication in a game of nuances and lines to sculpt pieces of unique qualities that signify pure luxury.

Delicate musicality and bold designs proudly the artisan’s taste for playfulness in a subtle symphony of ethereal works-of-art. In the world of high-end jewellery Dior is a brand that introduces, reinvents and sets new creative and mainstream trends that bring just a little more beauty into this world. Remaining loyal to their tradition of emblematic symbols fused with modern interpretation, they have remained a favourite and cherished way to declare love and heartfelt devotion.

Exceptional craftsmanship and superb designs lie behind the source of inspiration to capture and relay the inherent beauty in nature in the purest form possible. The exquisite play of nuances and materials has been cultivated for years to produce creations that honour and perpetuate the rich heritage of Dior Joaillerie.

Dior Grand Ville Tanzanite Earrings
DiorGrand Ville Tanzanite Earrings
Dior Rose des Vents bracelet
DiorRose des Vents bracelet
Dior Precieuse ring
DiorPrecieuse ring
Dior Grand Soir watch
DiorDior Grand Soir
Dior Grand bal Watch
DiorDior Grand bal
Rose Dior Pre Catelan earrings mounted on yellow gold with white diamonds
DiorRose Dior Pre Catelan earrings mounted on yellow gold with white diamonds


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