Soie de Dior, a bonding collection between Haute-Couture and Haute-Joaillerie

Inspired by Haute-Couture designs, collections and technique, Soie de Dior is the latest collection of the French House comprising of 53 uniques pieces and imagined by Victoire de Castellane- the brain behind every jewelry creation.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Draped jewelry in bold color combinations accentuates the impeccable cut of the stones –  the range of diamond colors is flabbergasting, their striking variety and impeccable incorporation into the overall design of the pieces- set in baguette or brilliants cuts…

The harmonious architectural structure of the jewels is a true testament to the attention to detail and meticulous work that Castellane has put into her creations. The legendary technique -that we owe her – of setting baguette diamonds in circular and wavy patterns can again be seen in these bespoke creations of unparalleled elegance and execution. Collaborating closely with the finest artisans and goldsmiths in Paris, the Dior jewelry team manages to attain a level of perfection that is simply divine. Luminous diamonds of different cuts are caressed by the suppleness of the silk in an array of bewitching compositions that are the epitome of grace, refined elegance and timeless class.

As per the timepieces, Castellane is only responsible of the D de Dior watch line.  The tiny dial of the mini-D  comes for Soie de Dior in three versions:  emeralds, pink or blue sapphires matching the opalescent dial tone.




Soie de Dior necklace

Back in July at the Dior headquarters, the avenue Montaigne offices turned into a surreal blend of colors, scents and sights during Couture week.

The latest high-jewelry collection presented by Dior bears the mark of renowned designer Victoire de Castellane whose signature style and strong creative aesthetic defines the brand’s strong individuality and has been for the past decade. The collection Soie de Dior is a true embodiment of the inherent grace and gentle allure of women that Dior is so fond of celebrating with its elegant creations. A beautiful and gentle inspiration lies behind the eponymous name of the collection that is a poetic play on words, referencing both the silk material that is prominently featured throughout the line and the sensation of simply “being Dior” – translated in French by Sois Dior. These creations are as much about the ephemeral and translucent fabric as they are about precious stones, bringing together two distinctive worlds – that of haute couture and high-end jewelry.

Castellane uses dynamic compositions with gentle, ethereal materials like silk to accentuate the beautiful contrast of motifs and help precious stones stand out with their shimmering beauty.

The full collection plays on words with the all of the couture techniques and components Dior masters from Dénoué, Fronce, Galon or Gros Grain; you can also find Noué, Pli Plat, Plumetis, Smock, Tresse or Volant.

Soie de Dior is a line of 53 unique pieces divided into 13 distinctive chapters that take the brand’s superiority in craftsmanship and innovative vision to a new height in excellence.

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