The battle of the enchanting blossom bracelets between British David Morris and Portuguese Eleuterio

As always, floral motifs are blossoming in jewelry collections. This time, open and flexible bangles take the lead. From Davis Morris to Eleuterio, the nature-inspired designed is becoming a strong theme.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Perfect symbol of youth and lightness, flowers are a key subject into jewelry line, as it can adapt to any design, from minimalistic to more classical pieces. Spotted during the Paris Fashion week, Davis Morris’ new collection is inspired by the delicate beauty of the flowers nestled in an English summer garden. Entitled « Miss Daisy », the romantic collection integrates a must-have diamond jewelry set: two earrings, one ring and an eye-catching bracelet. Clean and enchanting, sparkling pear-shape petals are blossoming around a brilliant-cut central diamond on this romantic double bracelet. Crafted from David Morris’ signature rose cut diamonds, the bangle exists in white gold and in a white and red gold version.

David Morris Miss Daisy collection bracelets
David Morris – Miss Daisy collection bracelets

While the London jeweler is offering a luxurious temptation of a diamond’s sprung, Eleuterio brand is revamping the floral jewels in a laid-back chic piece. Also inspired by the nature theme, the Porto-based jeweler combines its traditional filigree technique with sparkling diamonds in its blossom bracelet. The intricate leaves, set with shiny diamonds, entwine each other to create delicate and feminine flowers. A perfect bangle to embellish your daily wardrobe, as easy with an evening dress.

With their fluid lines and bold design, both jeweler show us that refined craftsmanship are no obstacle to refresh floral jewelry and show us how to play with iconic motifs. Ever the same, and yet different, the abstract flower hasn’t finished to match the creative technique and the gem combination of jewelry designers.

Eleuterio Blossom collection bracelets
Eleuterio – Blossom collection bracelets 
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