The ELEUTERIO White Gold Filigree Bracelet : most jeweled and must have!

Eleuterio Couture bracelet on 18ct white gold

Perpetrating the tradition of working on gold with the filigree technique Eleuterio creates jewelry with a major respect and nod to the past. Founded in 1925 by Eleuterio Antunes in northern Portugal, Eleuterio remains nowadays one of the three artisans mastering the art of filigree.

Author By Holly Albertson

Located in Travassos, near Braga in the Northern part of Portugal, this region is known for skilled filigree work, where Eleuterio happens to be one of the last companies perpetrating this art! Now on their third generation, brother and sister Luis and Rosa Antunes maintain the respect of their family tradition in filigree, while creating designs that are classic and relevant to today’s trends.

Why did we choose it?

Filigree is an Ancient technique that started around 5,000 years ago and appears to be coming back in jewelry as a major trend! The goal is to create very thin threads of gold which can be artistically soldered into a design. This process can take up to 65 steps! The result is a fine thread that is close in diameter to human hair. At Eleuterio, this process is done 100% by hand, with each piece being uniquely made.

What’s interesting about it?

This white gold bracelet from their Couture collection is an excellent example of skilled work and modern design. The bold design takes up much of your wrist, with 1.50 carats of sparkling diamonds to highlight the fine filigree work. The filigree goes part way through the bangle, with delicate engraving taking up the rest. Wearing this bracelet showcases a beautiful jewelry tradition, based both in the past yet tastefully in the present.

Eleuterio Couture 18ct white gold bracelet
Eleuterio – Couture white gold bracelet
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