All you need to know about the bezel set in jewelry.

A traditional crimp by excellence, the bezel set is getting a new breath under the influence of designers, who see in its pure design an ideal partner to more contemporary pieces. 

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

In the family of gem-setting techniques, I would like to mention the bezel set. How do you recognize it? By its setting which wraps the gemstone in a sheet or a metal band, giving the illusion that the ring is nestled in a precious cocoon.

In addition to being one of the most effective ways to protect a stone over time, this type of gem-setting works perfectly when combined with round or oval gems. Another advantage is that the closed crimping tends to give the illusion that the ring is larger, which doesn’t spoil our fun! The proof is in the pictures.

Ring Love, Elia

For this message jewel sewed with gold thread, the designer of the label Elia Paris opted for a bezel set to highlight the black diamond, which punctuates the word LOVE with detail.

Ring Talas, Misahara

At Misahara, the traditional gemstone gives way to a Shattuckite, with magnificent shades of marbled blue. The closed setting enhances the cabochon cut of the stone, while making the contrast with its blue sapphire paving.

Diamond and sapphire ring, Caillou Paris

Typically the kind of model that hits the spot with its vintage aura. We like the triptych reading of this yellow gold ring, with a sapphire positioned as a central stone answered by a duo of diamonds.

Pendent Bridal, Jenny Dee

After rings, it’s time for pendants, where the charm of the bezel set does its work! Acting as a diamond sparkle booster, the bezel set gives the pendant a signature and softens the chain. The perfect diamond for every day!

Boho Earrings, Ole Lynggaard

How to highlight the pearl, without stealing the show? To associate the green tourmaline with the pearl, the Danish jeweler opted for a bezel set, which lightens the earring, while remaining true to its extremely delicate approach to jewelry. A flawless piece.

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