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Elie Top is a French jeweler and designer renowned for his unique creations that blend traditional high jewelry craftsmanship with innovative mechanical and architectural design elements. Before launching his own brand, Elie Top gained valuable experience and made his debut in the fashion and jewelry industry by working for prestigious houses.

His early foray into the fashion world was marked by his collaboration with the famous Yves Saint Laurent house, where he worked under the legendary fashion designer. This experience allowed him to refine his design sensibility and aesthetics, deeply influencing his creative approach.

Subsequently, Elie Top closely collaborated with Lanvin, contributing to the brand’s revival under the artistic direction of Alber Elbaz. At Lanvin, he was responsible for designing jewelry, bringing a distinctive touch to the collections with his innovative approach and eye for detail. His creations for Lanvin were widely praised for their originality and ability to complement the house’s ready-to-wear with elegance and boldness.

In 2015, Elie Top took a significant step by launching his own jewelry brand, where he could fully express his artistic vision. His collections for his eponymous brand reflect his love for history, astrology, mechanics, and alchemy, combining ancient and modern elements to create pieces that are both narrative and transformative.

The influence of origins and travels on his creations

Elie Top’s creations are the result of a rich blend of cultures, histories, and travels. Drawing from his personal and professional heritage, Top incorporates historical elements, natural motifs, and architectural influences to produce works that tell a story, with each piece carrying a piece of the world as seen through his eyes.

The art of jewelry according to Elie Top

Elie Top stands out for his ability to transform precious materials into wearable art. Using both ancient and modern techniques, he creates jewelry that is both innovative and timeless. Top’s pieces are recognized for their complexity, skillfully blending gold, silver, precious stones, and sometimes more surprising elements, to create astonishing compositions.

Signature techniques and innovations

Elie Top’s techniques include the bold use of hidden mechanisms and complex structures, allowing his jewelry to transform and reveal hidden layers. This innovative approach not only defies expectations but also invites personal interaction between the piece and the wearer.

Iconic collections

Among the most famous collections by Elie Top, there are lines that evoke celestial, alchemical themes, or stylized natural elements. Each collection tells a unique story, marked by Top’s aesthetic signature and his meticulous attention to detail.


Elie Top quick interview

It he were an Independant Watchmaker : MB&F

His personnality : He looks like he still lives in the late 70s early 80s

His story: He was Albert Elbaz’s protégé at Lanvin, dated Vincent Dare for a long time and has been evolving with the high socialite fashion crowd for decades … from YSLtO NaomI, tugenie Niarchos or Ines de la Fressange

How is he recognizable ? : His mix of silver & precious stone with a modern futuristic style

Why do people like him ? : He has a unique personality sharing stories & anecdotes about how he connects his jewelry

Location : He’s 100% French based in Paris

Elie Top
Elie Top
Elie Top

Elie Top

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