A classic among classics, the heart is one of the undeniable jewelry designs that never cease to inspire designers. In turn unstructured or worked in a coordinated pattern, the symbol lends itself to all desires. Here is a review of our favorite pieces.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Heart ring  Alison Lou

Like a farandole, the 14-carat gold ring is adorned with a series of hearts full of color and fantasy. We like the idea of choosing your enamel shade from a chromatic palette of pastels as well as more distinct shades. When the heart is made to measure.

Pendant Feelings, Nikos Koulis 

Reinterpreting the heart while remaining faithful to his jewelry codes, this is the state of mind with which the Greek designer approached the challenge. Convoking a gold snake chain, black enamel and baguette-cut diamonds, Nikos Koulis creates a loving harmony imbued with modernity.

Heart brooch, Goralska 

Stung by Cupid’s arrow, this transparent heart houses a multitude of pink sapphires that reveal themselves as the piece moves. A jewel to be pricked on a jacket or on the delicate line of a cleavage.

Heart ring, Ole Lynggaard 

A little, a lot, madly…the heart sewn with white diamonds of the Danish House is simply irresistible.

Charm coeur Cosmogonie Secrète, Elie Top

A necklace like a statement that seems to whisper in our ears “I burn for you”, isn’t it Miss Daphne Bridgerton? Impossible to resist this ruby-studded heart caught in the flames of passion. And as always at Elie Top, the pieces are as refined on the flip side as they are on the face side.

Sealed Gemstone Heart ring, Foundrae 

Special mention for this heart sealed in a transparent quartz over a gold ring with the words “True Love”. A message for your sweetheart or a note to yourself on the importance of accepting yourself as you are? We let you choose 😉

Double coeur necklace, Dinh Van

In a nod to his iconic Handcuffs collection, the jeweler delivers a most romantic variation: two intertwined pink gold hearts, one of which is covered with a shower of diamonds. The perfect jewel for declaring your love.

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