Happiness is a rainbow of colors…

Fabergé Emotion ring colored stones

If I asked you what your favorite precious stone was, would you be able to answer me out of the blue?

Author By The Eye of Jewelry Editorial Team

For sure, the diamond is a safe bet yet it can occasionally be considered a bit too ceremonious. What about the ruby, sapphire or emerald… oh, I wouldn’t refuse. In short, I’ve never been able to choose. And don’t tell me you’ve never been in exactly the same situation: oh Pinocchio, come on, you’ve felt exactly the same as me!

Multicolored has never been so with-it before, delights the undecided within me and Fabergé has totally understood that I’m not the only one to feel like this.

Its Emotion ring wears its name wonderfully well because that’s exactly what you feel when you set your eyes on it for the first time.

And just imagine what it does to you when you slip it onto your finger… Ecstasy.

Wear this ring, which is mainly set with blue, yellow, pink and violet sapphires, with daytime jeans + t-shirt + sneakers or a smarter outfit or even with a night-life dress-me-up and you can be sure it will overshadow everything around. You should always find a golden friend to help you stand out and shine, don’t you think?

It sparkles, it radiates, – rest assured, I’m not talking about me in the third person singular – and it makes it a point of honor to side-step codes, to reveal a certain extravagance which is pretty similar to the strong character of the human who has adopted it. Everyone but knows that our jewels also reflect our souls…

With its precious stones in a rainbow of many and varied colors, here we have the dream ring for the free, ambitious woman, whose little wild and eccentric side but emphasizes femininity and that oh-so-mysterious side which turns heads and catches the eye…

P.S.: Tip from a friend, wear the Emotion ring with a French manicure or even go for flashy red varnish. But forget all the other colors otherwise you’ll end up like a disco glitter ball.

Fabergé - Emotion Ring mounted on yellow gold set with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies and tsavorties Emotion Ring
Fabergé – Emotion Ring mounted on yellow gold set with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies and tsavorties
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