Fernando Jorge

Fernando Jorge establishes his eponymous brand in the UK mixing effortless sensuality and laidback attitude that blend seamlessly with the feminine freedom of spirit and creative spark that defines its very essence.

Brazilian born and taking inspiration from his native country, Fernando Jorge after graduating from the London Central Saint Martin School launches his eponymous brand in 2010. A very intimate and personal universe reveals a world of harmony and elegance that intertwine in warm dynamic compositions. The rich variety of Brazilian gemstones in intense colours and yellow gold celebrate the exuberance and lush beauty of his native Brazil in a spectacular way.

Striking a perfect balance between the modern and the traditional, Fernando masterfully combines seemingly contrasting concepts, which leads to the creation of organic designs – his signature statement. His sculptural fine jewelry is infused with “a natural feeling of movement and elegance. Embellished with amethysts, emeralds and diamonds – the pieces exhibit beautifully proportional lines that are in harmony with the delicate feminine form and enhance its gentle allure.

The strong individuality of his jewellery underlines its authenticity and fluidity as it effortlessly explores the Brazilian clichés of sensuality and sexuality. Strong industrial influences from the cosmopolitan London blend with the passion and exotic allure of Fernando’s native Sao Paolo – the two cities he splits his time between, resulting in a phenomenal clash of cultures, backgrounds and motifs.

From his fashion-forward Fusion collection, which draws on the beautiful cosmic order of the universe to the Swallow and Cheeky, which boast a more liquid aesthetic – his pieces fuse different cultural influences in a unique way. The contrasts evident throughout Fernando’s work lead to the creation of jewelry that plays on extremes like traditional craftsmanship and contemporary art, delicate shapes and bold lines. His fine use of uniquely cut Brazilian gemstones highlights the abundance and lush beauty of his native homeland’s nature and culture.

Sold in some of the most prestigious boutiques across the globe, Fernando Jorge’s jewellery bears a sense of life and celebrates it in luminous ways.

Fernando Jorge Jewelry Designer
Fernando Jorge
Fernando Jorge - Electric opals shock ring
Fernando JorgeElectric opals shock ring
Fernando Jorge - Stream cycle ring 
Fernando JorgeStream cycle ring 
Fernando Jorge - Sprout small earrings
Fernando JorgeSprout small earrings
Fernando Jorge - Fusion pendant amethyst
Fernando JorgeFusion pendant amethyst

Fernando Jorge

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