L’Atelier Fred has brought their client experience to an impressive level !

By the end of January, Fred unveiled their new concept of customization through a never-seen before client experience. Offering over 100’000 possibilities of personalisation for their iconic Force 10 bracelet, the Atelier Fred breaks the traditional codes of luxury and retail combined. As a matter of fact, with a starting price at 1’820 Euros delivered within 2 weeks, the Atelier Fred enables the client to make his or her own piece. The idea is to choose a color ranging from each and every reference of the Pantone collection; pick a material going from gold, to chain or cable and finally decide wether you want it set with diamonds, sapphires or lacquer. Sky is the limit in terms of options, the hardest task is now for you to make up your mind !

Author By Eleonor picciotto

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