24 is the number of their headquarters but also the new modern jewelry collection of Garrard

Garrard, the British jewelry house with unrivalled royal distinction dazzles at The Eye of Jewelry’s pop-up store in Geneva with its newest collection 24 or the epitome of lightness and delicacy simply set with diamonds on gold.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Garrar Twenty Four ring earrings diamond gold

Twenty Four is the name of the new collection presented by Garrard over the latest edition of Baselworld. The sophisticated line draws inspiration from a famous diamond tiara made by the oldest jewelry house in the world. The 24 collection offers a range of easy-to-wear, stackable and fine jewelry pieces that happen to be enchantingly chic. Echoeing the iconic address of the 281-years-old jewelry house, the official jeweler of the Queen is based up until today on 24 Albermale Street in London. It was only natural that Garrard picked a name that was highly symbolic and evocative of their lasting success.

The 24 Collection is made of alternating pavé set circles and diamonds allowed to be worn singly or stacked.  The pendants and the rings can be layered on top of one another. Set with diamonds, each model is available in every color of gold: yellow, pink and white.

Right on trend is the selection of statement ear cuffs with a modern edge, attaching a stud to the ear and letting the cuff to come below the earlobe to dress it up. Classic studs or drop earrings are also available.  The collection is versatile and becomes an instant classic- living up to its name and the hype surrounding it.

Demonstrating a lightness and delicacy that is refined and sophisticated, the new 24 Collection introduces a certain level of modernity in high-end jewelry – something we do not expect to see in a jeweler of Garrard’s rank.

24 comes as a breath of fresh air and a daring creative voyage down new destinations for inspiration by the world’s oldest jeweler. And we are just happy to be able to sit front row for the ride…

Garrard Twenty Four ring rose white yellow gold dimaonds

Garrard Twenty Four bracelet yellow rose white gold diamonds

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