The new Bow by Garrard

Often seen and used in jewelry, the bow can sometimes look cheap or cheesy but non of these adjectives apply to the new designs of the iconic bow from the house of Garrard.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

The bow- symbol of celebration- obviously echoes the anniversary of the British jeweler but started off when back in 1858 Queen Victoria ordered a series of bow brooches made of diamonds. As a piece of heritage passed on from one generation to another, the bow became a synonym of British femininity.

Freshing up the classic yet forward thinking design of the Bow, the new collection offers a possibility to create a full jewelry set comprising modern or more traditional pieces of jewelry.

Classic but not quite symetric, the intricate design of the new Garrard Bow resonates as a piece of jewelry to be worn every single day.

The soft flowing ribbon is made of rose or white gold adorned with diamonds.

Within the new 14 designs, you can find contemporary pieces such as an up-the-ear pair of earrings or a double finger-ring.

Garrard Bow bracelet

Garrard Bow ring diamonds

Garrard Bow earring

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