Apparently, there are 21’779’004 princesses in the world… How many wear tiaras ?

The Tiara is back. Hashtagued 790’939 times on Instagram by the 21’779’004 princesses of the digital world- the traditionnal royal crown set with diamonds and pearls on precious metal has never been more modern. Explanations.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

When would be the most appropriate occasion to sport a tiara or diamond dazzled headband?

A wedding day! Some would argue…  In recent times, the modern bride -inspired by ever-so-elegant Duchess of Cambridge, – seeks to transform her wedding day into a real-life fairytale. If she can be a princess for one day, she must be a real one!  What better way to complete the princess look than topping it off with a tiara?

Whether of a new design from renowned jeweler Garrard or a vintage piece rich with history, the tiara has become the favored jeweled adornment to wear on life’s most special occasions. The ultimate head-turning accessory earned a cult symbol since Her Majesty The Queen of England donned the flawless “Girls of Great Britain” tiara made by Garrard and was even part of the “Diamonds: A Jubilee Celebration” exhibition a few decades ago.

Since then, Garrard has seen a significant increase in the demand of tiaras as symbols largely associated with royalty and the status of Garrard as crown jewelers for so long. Some of their most remarkable headpieces include an 18-carat white gold piece set with white and yellow diamonds. Other are set with pearls and amongst rivers of brilliant cut diamonds paving the structure of the crown made tiaras and worn as headbands.

Why now and why tiaras? The world we live in is drowning in a parallel world also known as the digital world of the Generation 2.0. The obsession of one’s self has led to the creation of a new word called Selfie. A common noun used in our daily vocabulary.

Just to be scared a few seconds…Scrolling down the Instagram feed and typing for Hashtag search … it occurs that « Princess » has been hashtagued 21’779’004 times, « Tiara » 790’939 times and « selfie » 273’576’765 times. Really!? Lucky us if Queen Elizabeth understands what do “scrolling,” “Instagram,” “Hashtag,” and “feed” mean within the same sentence!

Nevertheless, the simple explanation in the rise of the tiara sales can be that… Growing up, girls were princesses dreaming of their prince charming. Now grown-ups, the same girls have become women auto-proclaiming their princess statuses. So be it or so be them. And Garrard never stopped thinking about these modern princesses.

Ultimately, tiaras are about poetry, elegance and delicacy. And by taking a closer look at jewelry tiaras- they are unarguably the ultimate representation of every girl’s dream : being a princess covered in diamonds… but how many of them really are?

Garrard Primerose Tiara
Garrard – Primerose Tiara
Garrard Primerose Tiara
Garrard – Primerose Tiara
Garrard Azalea Tiara
Garrard – Azalea Tiara
Garrard Timeless Tiara
Garrard – Timeless Tiara
Garrard Entanglemen Tiara
Garrard – Entanglemen Tiara
Garrard Daisychain Tiara
Garrard – Daisychain Tiara
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