Graff Diamonds and Peter Marino united Place Vendome : the best of the best

The House of Graff is the story of a man, Lawrence, in love with diamonds, in love with stones, in love with women and jewelry. He has built an empire projecting his name as one of the most respected of the industry and unveiled his latest boutique in Paris the one and only ever designed by Peter Marino.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

For five decades the world of haute joaillerie has followed with bathed breath the extraordinary journey of Graff Diamonds. Specializing in the handling of the rarest, most beautiful and valuable diamonds there are, to this day the brand continues to inspire and excite its discerning clientele with its unique jewelry.

Unveiled during the latest Couture Week early July in Paris, the Graff boutique located Place Vendôme next to the Ritz Hotel was designed by reknown architect Peter Marino. The Parisian boutique is the only one the French architect based in New York will ever design. Taking advantage of every square meter, Marino was able to transform a small space into a diamond kingdom. For the occasion and as a tribute to the legendary address, the jewelry house presented the Graff Vendome, a 105.07 carats D Flawless pear-shape diamond considered to be the largest diamond cut and polished in the Graff’s history.

Behind the name of Graff Diamonds is the legacy of a true visionary and a dreamer – Laurence Graff left a lasting legacy that is defined by is passion and distinctive style. Several generations of designers and craftsmen collaborated to create the most fabulous jewels in the world. The outstanding expertise and superior technical know-how of the brand led it to handle the world’s most famous and exceptional gemstones… and we are not just talking about the famous Graff Yellow diamond tbut he Delaire Sunrise, the Lesotho Promise or the Wittelsbach Graff to name a few. All of these superb stones display a unique fingerprint and inherent qualities that only Graff’s master cutters are able to bring out to enhance the stone’s natural brilliance.

Characterized by clean lines and mathematical precision, it is the clarity of composition and singularity of elegance that defines perfection in the world of Graff. Painstakingly-polished, the diamonds’ natural radiance is able to shine supreme. The brand’s style has become synonymous with effortless elegance and ageless modernity.

Graff’s designs perfectly balance beauty and rarity with distinctive style and exceptional craftsmanship, creating true contemporary classics. A true artisan is able to enhance the drama of a stone without too much interference with its innate qualities – the very essence of Graff Diamonds’s philosophy. Exceptional craftsmanship has always been an integral part of the company’s rich heritage.

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