Iconic in fashion, the Italian house Gucci has been a symbol of modern luxury for the past decades. Their designs and effortless sensibility of composition is the ultimate statement of social stature… and so happens to be their fashion jewelry.

Defined by Italian craftsmanship, the jewelry collections created under the Gucci brand goes along their lifelong statements: easy-to-wear, fashionable and colorful. Designed to be noticed and for people who don’t shy away from attention, the pieces combine tradition in a way that transcends fleeting trends and establishes a cult following of their inimitable style and message.

Their jewelry reveals Gucci’s rich heritage and design leadership, which under Frida Giannini’s creative direction have been successfully integrated with a more contemporary vision. The integration of fine Italian craftsmanship including bold and clear aesthetics defines the iconic brand style recognized and revered around the world. Their exquisite collections of female timepieces, silver and gold jewelry have become an example of class and elegance on the fashion and accessories scene for quality and style.

The unique blend of fashion authority and superior craftsmanship forms an integral part of the Gucci name and make it one of the world’s most desirable luxury brands. Its mission to attain a harmonious blend of form, design and composition is evidenced by the iconic Diamantissima watch line for women. The refined allure of the timepieces is enhanced by the minimalist aesthetics demonstrating their creative and technical expertise in threads for example. The brand works closely with the finest artisans, goldsmiths and mechanical engineers to obtain full synergy between all aspects that make a watch into a bespoke status symbol.

Accenting on the softness and delicate allure of the feminine form, other collections such as the Guccissima reveal the brand’s constant pursuit of those ethereal qualities that give watches and jewels their iconic status of timeless symbols of class and beauty.

Gucci Blind for love ring mounted on silver ~ CHF 260
GucciBlind for love ring mounted on silver ~ CHF 260
Gucci Le marché des merveilles bracelet
GucciLe marché des merveilles bracelet
GucciDiamantissima watches
Gucci Necklace with hand pendants mounted on metal ~ USD$ 830
GucciNecklace with hand pendants mounted on metal ~ USD$ 830
Gucci Feline earrings mounted on aged gold with resin pearls ~ USD$ 820 
GucciFeline earrings mounted on aged gold with resin pearls ~ USD$ 820 


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