Harry Winston

“Talk to me Harry Winston ! Tell me all about it!” used to sing Marilyn Monroe… Decades later, the King of Diamonds born in NY made of his name more than an institution: a legend. Harry Winston became famous for its cuts, its stones, its settings and its style … making the HW ring the epitome of beauty and feminine desire!

Timeless elegance – from the selection of the perfect jewels to their flawless presentation – Harry Winston’s mission since 1932.

Since its creation the House of Harry Winston has been guided by a philosophy of celebrating an enhancing the natural beauty of each precious diamond. The culmination of efforts between master craftsmen and true jewelry experts gives birth to the most exquisite pieces in their own impeccable setting as evidenced by their Midnight timepieces collection to the Lily Cluster or Sunflower collections.

The brand’s philosophy relies on the Four C’s : carat weight, clarity, colour, and cut – a true testament to its commitment to excellence and striking design. Completely free from any visible inclusions, each diamond is selected for its impeccable quality and character and modelled into a luminous and ethereal piece of jewelry. His reputation allowed him to gain the name of Harry Winston, King of Diamonds.

Harry Winston is renowned for their unique approach to designing the setting around each individual beauty of individual diamonds in order to get the best out of its natural beauty, shape and proportions. Their creations convey striking fluidity and spellbinding harmony that brings out the collective beauty of both the setting and the stone. The company’s trademark approach to utilizing platinum settings exclusively adds a certain ethereal allure to the pieces, perfectly complementing diamond’s colourless nature (by only using D, E or F diamonds).

All of Harry Winston’s creations are designed to the highest standards of quality and in keeping with Mr. Winston’s original philosophy that nothing should distract from a diamond’s natural brilliance – a vision that has helped shape one of the most prominent jewelry houses today. Continuing to combine the right design with innovative techniques and the finest craftsmanship culminate in the creation of radiant pieces that are a true testament to the efforts of gemologist, designer and artisan alike.

In a world of exuberance and overindulgence the name of Harry Winston has become synonymous of the ethereal beauty that lies within this world, but takes so much effort and skilled work to bring out and let shine. Their pieces possess one inherent quality and it is one of effortless luminance and subtle elegance.

Harry Winston High Jewelry Twist in platinum
Harry WinstonHigh Jewelry Twist
Harry Winston - Secret Wonder ring mounted on platinum with blue sapphires and diamonds
Harry WinstonSecret Wonder ring mounted on platinum with blue sapphires and diamonds
Harry Winston Divine Time by Harry Winston 
Harry WinstonDivine Time
Harry WinstonLotus Cluster earings mounted on platinum with diamonds 
Harry Winston Harry Winston Premier Delicate Silk Automatic 36mm 
Harry WinstonHarry Winston Premier Delicate Silk Automatic 36mm 

Harry Winston

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