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Innocent Stone

Is synthetic diamond the future of the jewelry industry? A question Stéphane Wulwik, founder of Innocent Stone answers by saying that his eco-friendly label will not be ignored in the next decades. Explanations.

Being the son of a jewelry designer and having been a diamond dealer himself for more than 15 years, Stéphane Wulwik is to say the least, completely aware of the gold and diamond industries issues. Over the years, he has come to realize what were the boundaries and problems not to say unanswered questions the jewelry industry was facing. Taking into consideration child labor, ecological destruction or untraceable stone origin he decided that it was not a reality he wanted to face launching his own brand.

First introduced in 2015, Innocent Stone offers sustainable jewels; all made from laboratory-grown diamonds and recycled gold. Thanks to a disruptive innovation, the brand Innocent Stones exclusively uses diamonds that have been created in laboratories following the exact natural process of a diamond formation. The result is strictly identical to a mined diamond, including the exact same chemical composition, refractive index and 4Cs gradation system. The only difference is that Innocent Stones diamonds have been made above Earth while natural diamonds have been mined from below. Neither a jeweler’s optical loupe nor a magnifier eyeglass can tell the difference. IGI Certified and respectful of Nature, these alternative diamonds will surely seduce environmentally aware consumers, but will it be enough to appeal a larger audience? Flabbergasting!

According to Bain & Company, synthetic diamonds will gradually replace mined diamond, as this industry is expect to decrease around 2030. Will lab-grown diamonds fully replace natural diamonds, probably not but it will surely take a portion of the market. Beside this report, Stéphane Wulwik is targeting the millennials, that portion of the planet born after the 1980s. These new market consumers are seeking to differentiate themselves by the ethical and alternative aspects of their choices.

Sharing the same philosophy of Innocent Stone, Stephane Wulwik wanted to collaborate with emerging labels such as Mode Trotter, Come Editions or even Isabelle Stanislas who happens to be the architect of Zadig & Voltaire and the jewelry brands Ginette NY and Yvonne Leon.

Respectful of Nature, the conscious jewelry of Innocent Stone hasn’t forget that design matters in fashion. We fall in love with the sleek design of the entire collection: from the studs designed in a triangular silhouette set with diamonds (signature of the brand) to the stunning 18kt white gold solitaire ring studded with 57 lab grown diamonds.

Last but not least, the brand makes it possible to create your own jewel. After choosing from 12 cutting shapes, Innocent Stone enables you to custom-make your lab grown diamond. Each customer will then be in control of the color, the cut, the price and even the origin for his or her unique made-to-measure piece.

Ethical by origin and attractive by its design, the Innocent Stone jewelry collection offers feminine yet striking jewelry pieces promised to a huge success.

Innocent Stone

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