What you need to know about lithotherapy: the power of healing with stones

COVID-19. Caroline Nagel, founder of the Amazones Parisiennes, offers workshops throughout the year on everything that inspires and soothes, from yoga to meditation. During this confinement, she animates several times a week lives around various and varied subjects. We were able to attend and transcribe her live with the lithotherapist Aurore Widmer and learn about the power and benefit of stones. Interview.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Aurore Widmer – founder of the instagram account @aurore.lumiere

What does the power of stones mean?
Aurore Widmer – To put it simply: a stone is a mineral being with a physical and energetic constitution. Both man and stone are carriers of energy. Therefore, all beings interact with each other. The principle of lithotherapy is the manifestation of how the stone will resonate with us. How it will penetrate us. This means that on the one hand it will absorb energies that are transmitted to it, which are specific to its constitution and which do us good. The stone will give us confidence, love and vitality. At the same time, it will absorb what it does not need.

How to use the stones?
Aurore Widmer – There are several ways … in jewelry, on the one hand, and in crystals that you can keep at home or close to you, on the other hand. Both of them need to be cleaned regularly because the stones discharge very quickly. When the stones are not mounted, they should be of medium size that you can keep all the time: in the bra, in a pocket or a bag. What I advise – use them as a meditation tool to be in contact with it with an intention.

What big stone to choose to put in a flat?
Aurore Widmer – Most stones will always be ok! But beware of anchor stones like obsidian: never sleep with them – they can heal intergenerational wounds and cause nightmares. If you want to put a stone in an office, living room or bedroom – the size of an orange is ideal. The bigger it is, the more radiant it is. Small stones should be worn as jewelry.

Which stone do you carry with you all the time?
Aurore Widmer – A black tourmaline and a lava stone… but it all depends on when I’m alive. At the moment, as I broke my toe not so long ago, in order to promote healing I have bought others, including anchor stones… like citrine which has the power to remove stress and pain.

The chakras in all this?
Aurore Widmer – The 1st Root Chakra is the most masculine. It is associated with red, brown and earth. It is ideal when you need to work on anchoring. It takes turns with the 2nd chakra which is the sacred chakra: feminine, creativity, inner child, sensuality and sexuality. It favours emotional management. Orange and dark yellow stones such as cornelian for example, are used to balance this area. The 3rd chakra is located in the plexus: like a ray of sunshine, it boosts self-esteem and self-confidence. It is often reflected in the posture that the person adopts. The 4th chakra is the heart chakra: it is the door to unconditional love and benevolence. To balance it: aventurine, rose quartz and jade – highly revered in China – are the ideal stones. The 5th chakra, the throat chakra, is that of communication. For fear of hurting, when we tend to keep everything to ourselves instead of putting it out, and it all freezes there… sore throat and sore throats are very significant and not just from a cold snap. All the blue coloured stones, serve to pacify the emotion we have to express and what we have to wear. The 6th chakra is the 3rd eye chakra for intellect and vision. When we think, when we have intuitions and visions about things. Falcon’s eye or lapis lazuli are interesting stones to work on intuition or discernment. The 7th is the coronal chakra – the one that connects the body to higher energies. Purple and white stones such as moonstone or selenite are optimal. Rock crystal can be used to work on anything: it is an energetic sponge that realigns the whole body.

How to take care of your stones?
Aurore Widmer – By being in contact with us, the stone will be charged with energy. So it is necessary to discharge it with the smoke of sage, incense or palo santo by passing the stones through the smoke. You can also clean your stones with water from a river or a spring or even running water – be careful, as some porous stones do not like water. The right technique is to put them in the ground because the soil absorbs the energy of the sun. The last option … put them at the bottom of a Tibetan bowl on a pouch and make the bowl vibrate…

To energize the stones, how do you do it?
Aurore Widmer – After unloading your stones, you can recharge them. The full moon light increases their radiation frequency. Amethyst geodes or crystals: these are aggregates – by placing them on top, you re-energize the stones. The light of the full moon is ideal for this, a day before or after also works, even with clouds!

The first stone to collect?
Aurore Widmer – I would say a tourmaline – even more so if people live in the city. In case the stone breaks, which doesn’t often happen the message is that the stone has worked and fulfilled its mission. Its work is finished. Then the ritual of burial must be performed: putting it back into the ground.

What is your programme at the moment…?
Aurore Widmer – I do a lot of shamanism in order to put the sacred back into everything. In terms of the respect we have for ourselves and others, but also by reconnecting with nature and animals. Observing the course of the planets in the sky. All this brings us back to the centre.

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