The cult following of JAR’s dazzling, eccentric creations that are the epitome of intense luxury and brilliant excellence… No one sees him, rare are those who know him, and his jewelry creations trigger intense mystery because rare are the opportunities to get just a glimpse at them!

Rightfully called “the single greatest jeweller of our time” – Joel Arthur Rosenthal is a household name of unmatched proportions in terms of creativity, quality and rarity!Only a handful of assorted Rothschilds, A-list celebrities and covens of Parisian and New York society matrons have the privilege to own his elusive masterpieces.

The legendary designer creates magnificent jewelry appreciated in value with a shroud of mystery surrounding his exhibitions and clients. His pieces depend on a variety of precious stones and materials, going as far as assorted violet sapphires, amethysts and green garnets that are uncannily luminous and poetic. Designing exquisite jewels has been taken to a new level of perfection with Rosenthal’s signature technique that pushes pave work to the absolute limit.

Most of the creations signed by JAR include unique masterpieces that redefine the conservative world of high-end jewelry, like the fabulous disc earrings with rivulets of colour circling stones – a notion that didn’t exist before their flawless execution. Every stone is chosen based on its own quality and merit with an exceptionally high level of standard maintained throughout the hand-crafting of each individual piece.

Part of the fascination with JAR’s moonstone jewels comes from what they represent and the world it conjures up – having mastered the process of alchemy, the designer is able to convey powerful symbolism and ethereal beauty through his material creations. With meticulous attention to detail and stylized gimmick, JAR creates iconic pieces that complement the wearer’s personality and sense of style.


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