5 amethyst jewels to offer to an Aquarius

Associated with the month of February, amethyst is the ideal stone to be charged with positive waves. Review of our favorite pieces.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Whether you want to offer a birthstone or spoil your sweetheart as Valentine’s Day approaches, amethyst is a sure thing! We love this luminous quartz which seduces with its chromatic palette ranging from mauve to intense purple, and works with all styles.

Swiveling Side Stud Earrings, Marie Mas

At Marie Mas, jewelry is never fixed, on the contrary, it lives and adapts to your desires. This is the case with this pair of earrings set with pink amethysts whose central circle pivots, offering two possibilities. One side paved with white diamonds for a glamorous look, the other unset for a more discreet look. Well done.

Caramella amethyst pendant, Vanessa Martinelli

We love this pendant whose design echoes the sweet sweets of our childhood. Nestled in a berlingot-style envelope, it reveals a beautiful amethyst surrounded by coloured stones, all mounted on a silver chain for a relaxed spirit.

Acqua Blue Boheme ring, RIVKA NAHMIAS

To those who wonder what to marry amethyst with, designer Rivka Nahmias answers: “with everything”! The proof is in this ring which mixes the fine stone with other gems in a chromatic palette ranging from aquamarine blue and topaz to green sapphire. A very fine gradation available in a white or yellow gold setting.

Amethyst earrings, Marie-Hélène de Taillac

His passion for coloured stones led him to travel the world to find the most beautiful varieties. Marie-Hélène de Taillac seduces once again with this pair of earrings with an almost invisible setting that fades away to let all the light to these sumptuous amethysts of more than 15 carats. An indispensable part of every day’s jewelry wardrobe.

Eden ring, Alexandra Abramczyk 

Known for her talisman jewellery, the designer Alexandra Abramczyk gives here a personal interpretation of a lush Garden of Eden. We love the spirit of this farandole ring with flowers richly studded with amethysts and white diamonds that projects us into an elsewhere where everything is calm, luxury and voluptuousness.

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