A blend of contemporary sophistication and timeless elegance epitomizes the style of creator Sandrine de Laage

Sandrine de Laage Boyfriend ring and portrait

Freedom of form, freedom of spirit weave their magic in the collections of this French-American designer who infuses her jewelry with instinctively-ingenious creative vision.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

If you think that everything jewelry-wise is old-hat, then take a closer look at Sandrine de Laage’s collections. You’ll be charmed by the way this French-American approaches creation, forever seeking to reinvent herself. “Think out of the box” is an expression she could definitely whisper in our ears, inviting us to take the plunge and move off the beaten track. Sandrine de Laage embraced this motto very early on, when she was Head of Design for prestigious names such as Cartier and Harry Winston, to name but two.

Sandrine is one of these designers who perfectly capture the trends of the times, designers who are pure strategy visionaries. An ever-so precious asset for the world’s iconic brands which face a dual challenge: ensure their style evolves without losing their soul.

Over the years, Sandrine felt the growing urge to devote her expertise and unerring taste to a rather more personal creative project. In 2014, she launched her eponymous brand between New York and Los Angeles, two cities close to her heart. She imagined sophisticated pieces instilled with a timeless allure, harmoniously espousing classical and contemporary essence.

Sandrine draws her inspiration from sacred geometry as well as from symbols. The cross, the cube, the rose and, of course, the reinterpreted Toi & Moi triangle … all these powerful, ethereal forms adorn the creator’s vocabulary.

With Magical, Sandrine de Laage sets the jewelry free from its label: bracelet, ring or earring? Whatever, it’s actually everything at once. These chains of perfect circles tailor to your desires whether you wish to wear them on your wrist or your finger. Bespokeness with the wave of a magic wand and a delicately-melodious tinkling of rings. A quest for expressive sleekness, grace, underlined in her Freedom collection, which combines the refinement of a half-moon with the delicacy of a link-chain to gift bracelets with an ethereal allure.

Sandrine de Laage - Magical Ring Earring Bracelet mounted on yellow gold
Sandrine de Laage – Magical Ring Earring Bracelet mounted on yellow gold
Sandrine de Laage - Bracelet Freedom en or jaune
Sandrine de Laage – Freedom bracelet mounted on yellow
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