After gold and diamonds, JEM is bringing pearls into its world of committed jewellers

JEM, the Parisian jewelry brand unveiled its third new chapter in its history around mother-of-pearl and its jewel, the pearl.
Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

For 10 years now, JEM Jewellery Ethically Minded has been working to bring a renewal of a jeweler by placing respect for the values it holds at the heart of its designs. Transparency, consciousness and respect, a triptych that underpins the visionary choices of the made in France label. At the launch, it was the Fairmined-certified ethical gold that caused a sensation, before the human-friendly and fully traceable synthetic diamond stole the show.

Etreintes ring, composed of a double blue/green pearly half-ring and a single half-ring (Credits: JEM)

At the end of December, it was the turn of the Étreintes collection to unveil the new creative, but still committed, project of the jewellery house, as Dorothée Contour explains: «We wanted to explore another territory, the aim of protecting the oceans, an important cause for our generation in the field of ecology. If the pearl perfectly symbolises all the magic and beauty of the oceans, and raises awareness of its protection, it also allows JEM to open up to colour ». Talking about colours, these pearls from the Fiji archipelago are distinguished by their shades of blue and green. We love these deep shades, highlighted by yellow or white gold ring bodies. True to the codes of the Étreintes collection, the curves of these solitaires have eyes only for the pearl and nothing else. On the other side of the chromatic palette, the Philippine pearls are capturing the eye with their gold robe, accentuated by the choice of yellow gold. The result is brilliant, and flatters all skin types. And for those who prefer to go piano on the colour, the option of mother-of-pearl seems to have been found. The blue (or white) mother-of-pearl is cut and placed in their Parisian workshop and illuminates the half rings with its reflections, giving each combination a new face.

Play of nuances between pearls from Fiji and the Philippines (Credits: JEM)

For this collection, the JEM brand has teamed up with a partner of choice, Justin Hunter, who has codified the rules for responsible pearl farming. A commitment to the protection of the oceans that JEM is pursuing by offering, for each piece of jewelry adorned with pearl or mother-of-pearl, the adoption of a coral that will be cared for and transplanted by the Coral Guardian association. To offer a jewel of the seas, while contributing to its preservation, with conviction, the jewelry of tomorrow traces its path.

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