Alexandra Rosier unveils the new pieces of her bestiary with esoteric influences

From spiritual references to esoteric symbols, Alexandra Rosier revisits the figure of the totem animal with modernity. Review of our 3 favorite pieces.

Author By vaninalazard

Favorite n°1 : the owl pendant

A symbol of wisdom, the Siberian owl is linked in many traditions to intuition and clairvoyance. In accordance with her approach to fine jewelry, Alexandra Rosier has conceived the owl as a sculpture in which every detail is important, such as the articulated head that opens the visual field. Made of yellow gold, the animal is available in two versions: the first with a rainbow setting, the second with a composition of champagne and brown diamonds. In both cases, the owl’s flank is studded with white rose cut diamonds, which echo those arranged in a crown on its head.

Owl pendant in yellow gold, multicolored sapphires, Alexandra Rosier.
Favorite n°2: the union bracelet

This jewel refers to the union of man and a woman. The cuff is composed of two elongated loops, linked together by a precious attachment, set with emeralds and diamonds, which represents the heart chakra, traditionally associated with the color green. Positioned in symmetry, the two motifs play the card of contrast: the cold masculine colors on the left side (purple and blue), respond to the warm feminine colors on the right side (pink, orange, yellow), drawing a knot on the wrist that the jewel dresses with elegance.

Union bracelet in yellow gold, multicolored sapphires and diamonds, Alexandra Rosier.
Favorite n°3 : the hand pendant

This piece represents the esoteric divinatory practice of chirology, which consists of reading the lines of the hand. In this miniature version, made from a cast of Alexandra Rosier’s hands, the two hands are positioned open, ready to give as well as receive. On the back, the left hand symbolizes the man, linked to the moon and the night. Inside, we find the lines of the hand drawn. On the back of the left hand is a sun with a woman symbolizing life and motherhood. When they are joined, the hands form a heart, symbol of union and love. The ultimate detail, the wrists are adorned with diamond bracelets of life punctuated with a red and a blue opal, which evoke this sacred union.

Yellow gold hand pendant, multicolored sapphire life lines, enamel and opal eye, Alexandra Rosier.




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