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Anita Ko : baguettes diamonds please !

Diamond jewelry designed for the modern woman in mind and focused on quality and craftsmanship. With her baguette-diamond set signature designs, Anita Ko has set a name for herself, the press and the celebrities !

Anita Ko founded her namesake brand in 2006 and has been seeing her popularity rise ever since. Her background in Art History is unconventional and one that gave her a profound understanding and appreciation of the trends and influences that have shaped and guided the jewellery-making industry. As a result her own approach to the craft is an eclectic one, drawing inspiration from the vast cultural, social and symbolical elements.

Her inherent passion for fine gems quickly became an endeavour she was set on pursuing and that gave birth to Anita Ko – a brand much beloved by famous celebrities and socialites alike. The signature style of the designer encompasses micro-pave diamonds, 18 karat gold, and vibrant semi-precious stones in an array of vibrant compositions. Widely regarded for her animalistic designs and patterns, her pieces have a raw, basic and feral allure to them – one that appeals to the wearer on a molecular level, forming a powerful connection between spirit and matter.

Known for her bespoke 18 karat white gold pavé panther knocker necklaces that are chic yet ferocious at the same time, Anita brings into the world of fine jewellery a whole array of beasts, creatures and critters that allow her followers to get in touch with their wild side. The modern ,clean aesthetic of the jewellery she creates works well with the unorthodox designs, making them ideal for any occasion.

With a large celebrity following, the brand has already generated a lot of buzz in some of the world’s largest publications including Elle, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, W Magazine and many more. Anita Ko’s signature style is immediately recognisable thanks to the edgy yet approachable realm of the beauty standard it pursues – one that is now commonly spotted on It-girls, editors, and celebrities alike.

Anita Ko
Medium Leaf studs mounted on rose gold with diamonds
Anita Ko
Round diamond V ring mounted on white gold
Anita Ko
Diamond and moonstone owl necklace mounted on rose gold
Anita Ko
Diamond panther bangle mounted on rose gold 
Anita Ko. launches her namesake brand.