Bvlgari unveils a new version of its iconic Serpenti with a 100% French cast

Serpenti Viper is the next step in the transformation of the emblematic snake, revisiting the symbol in a bold new way. And to embrace this evolution, Bvlgari has brought together the finest of the 7th art and the digital age to illustrate the metamorphosis, a theme dear to Bvlgari.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Is the longevity of an icon measured by its ability to transform itself over time? The answer to this question is obvious for the Italian jewelry house, if we look at the flawless history of its most legendary icon, Serpenti. First introduced in the late 1940s with the remarkable introduction of watches – the famous sinuous Tubogas bracelets – the snake has become the bold emblem of Bvlgari. Alternately a symbol of power, seduction and transformation, the snake has continued to reinvent itself, gaining in preciousness over the years until it is now part of the jewelry collection.

Serpenti Viper ring in white gold set with brilliant cut diamonds – Bvlgari

Always at the forefront of change and innovation, Bvlgari brought an evolution to the design of its icon inspired by the animal versions of the 1970s to the more geometric and stylized forms of past decades. Paving the way for a new chapter in its history, Serpenti Viper captivates with its contemporary expression and strong design. With its flexible modular construction featuring carefully articulated snake scales inserted one by one, the icon wraps around the body like a powerful suit of armor. Bold, the jewel will appeal to personalities who like to follow their instincts, and to those who are not afraid to transform themselves over time and encounters.

Who better than the young guard of the 7th art and of the digital era to evoke in a video without filter the relationship to metamorphosis? Brought together by Bvlgari, the 100% Frenchy luxury cast composed of François Civil, Tina Kunakey, Adèle Exarchopoulos and Léna Situations, delivers a very personal interpretation of this theme dear to the house by lifting the veil on the emotions felt during a shoot or on the red carpet. “Behind a photo, a whole team of people behind the scenes allows us to be the freshest. When I look back at my first red carpets, smiling like in a class photo, I find myself atrocious … Now in front of the lens, in my head enters another character, the best part of me ” confides the actress Adele Exarcopoulos in the film made by six hands by Adeus Production, director Ugo Mangin and the agency Elise & Julia.

Serpenti Viper bracelet in pink gold set with brilliant cut diamonds – Bvlgari

Available in white, rose and yellow gold, the Serpenti Viper collection offers a wide selection of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces with structured and sensual lines. Pieces to wear in the spirit of a precious second skin pull out an attitude. Minimalist with the rose gold band, where only the head and scales are studded with white diamonds. The precious version offers a full pavé diamond set on the white gold ring. The choice is yours!

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