A quick look at Cricket, Buccellati’s new high jewelry collection

Buccellati Cricket Collection

Presented during Paris Fashion Week, the Cricket collection revisits the honeycomb motif – a technique that made the Italian designer famous – with geometrically-inspired silhouettes. Buccellati rose to the challenge with dexterity and creativity.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Under the impetus of designer Lucrezia Buccellati, the honeycomb motif has been afforded a shot of modernity. The Italian House’s signature technique has been reinterpreted to produce a geometrically-inspired set of jewelry. The Cricket collection, featuring a gorgeous choker and lacelike earrings, pays tribute to the iconic sport through its sleek effort and elegant artisanship.

The largely geometrical silhouette of the pendant earrings immediately evokes the cricket bat of sporting gentlemen. For this creation, Lucrezia Buccellati chose to use white gold tulle mounted with 212 round diamonds, for a total of 3.94 carats. A combination that exalts the material while providing radiance.

Not to be outdone, the necklace has no fewer than 443 diamonds for a total of 9.17 carats, placed all over the object from end to end. A high fashion choker whose refined design is in sharp contrast with the sumptuousness of the honeycomb motif. Even further proof, if we needed it, that traditional goldsmith techniques can elevate the most modern designs. Cricket is the perfect example of a successful marriage between tradition and modernity.

Buccellati - Cricket earrings
Buccellati – Cricket earrings
Buccellati - Cricket necklace
Buccellati – Cricket necklace
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