CRUSH: Totem rings signed DANGLETERRE

After a career in design, Ségolène Dangleterre puts her sharp eye on jewelry and delivers a collection of precious objects with an irresistible singularity. Discovery.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

From her first life in design, Ségolène Dangleterre has kept her taste for objects, a sense of volumes and proportions, to which she injects a personal signature.

Ségolène Dangleterre
Ségolène Dangleterre

The designer excels in the art of designing rings as miniaturised sculptures, real ornamental compositions to be worn in accumulation. What do we like? The clean lines, the balance of proportions, and the controlled contrast in the play of stone associations.

A graduate of the École Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Reims, Ségolène Dangleterre designs jewelry as one could do with a perfume, she sees in it “a mirror of our state of mind at the moment we choose it”. The encounter between the jewel and its owner must be spontaneous. Moreover, for the designer, the choice of the stone should not be guided by the symbolism of the stone, but result from a real “love at first sight for the gaiety it arouses, the charm or the insolence it inspires”.

Dangleterre - Venice Or jaune 18 carats, marquise de quartz rose de 12,6 carats et succession de brillants (saphirs verts) en serti rail
Dangleterre – 18 karat yellow gold Venice ring with a 12.6 carat rose quartz marquise and a succession of brilliants (green sapphires) in a rail setting.

Ségolène Dangletterre draws materials from the world of design to create the unexpected in our daily lives. We let ourselves be seduced by her combinations that are as surprising as they are attractive, such as those of a lapis lazuli jostled by a malaya garnet or a pink quartz studded with tsavorites. A particular singularity magnified by the know-how of the craftsmen and the values of the brand.

Dangleterre - FAVORITE 2 en Or jaune 18 carats, 4 cabochons en onyx et une citrine madère d'1,3 carat
Dangleterre – Favorite 2 ring in 18 karat yellow gold, 4 onyx cabochons and a 1.3 carat Madeira citrine.

At DANGLETERRE, jewelry is the link between Ségolène’s creative desire and her eco-responsible convictions. In order to set her objects in time, the designer has chosen 18-carat recycled gold and untreated natural stones supplied by her partners RJC.

Make sense. From inspiration to achievement. This could be the secret of the totem jewellery with the subtle geometry of the House of DANGLETERRE.

Dangleterre - CHEVALIER en Or jaune 18 carats, cabochon de Lapis Lazuli et couronne de diamants bruns chocolat
Dangleterre – 18 karat yellow gold ring, Lapis Lazuli cabochon and chocolate brown diamond crown.
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