Diamond vs. colored engagement ring, which one will make it for forever?

From Kate’s huge sapphire-to-die-for to Meghan’s gorgeous trio diamond ring, our hearts are balancing. We can’t all marry Prince Harry, but if we could, should we opt for an all-diamond choice or a colored stone?

That’s a proper jewelry dilemma.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Besides the fact that both rings are priceless for sentimental reasons and for its special connection to Princess Diana, Kate and Meghan engagement rings are the opposite of style.

Stunning in its trio-shape, Meghan Markle’s ring exits the classic solitaire route with an extra dose of dazzling diamonds.

So far, Prince Harry’s choice appears to be more classic but slightly more bling than Kate’s engagement ring if you ask us. Indeed, her 12 –carat sapphire with smaller diamonds lining the center stone in a halo setting gives a more romantic and timeless style to the jewel.

We know that gems have all sorts of associations and beliefs attached to them, such as a pure love meaning for white diamond, or that a blue sapphire will symbolize honesty and loyalty. If red is your signature color, you will certainly aim for a ruby, which is actually a red sapphire, as the precious stone embodies a passionate love to your partner. Hopping for a happy and successful marriage? Then, the emerald is the perfect choice even though it is less durable in terms of hardness …Paradoxical, isn’t it?

Whether it is a traditional white diamond or a sophisticated colored stone engagement ring, at the end of the day, it is all about fitting your fiancée’ style and personality. As you shop for your engagement ring with your eligible match, you should rather pay attention to what the gem really means before letting it enter to your life and marriage!

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