Thanks to GemGenève, the HEAD students get sponsored by gem dealer Charles Abouchar

Head x GemGenève

Last week, 17 students out of the 22 enrolled in the Product Design and Jewelry Bachelor at la HEAD (Haute Ecole d’Art et Design) were selected to exhibit their creations during GemGenève which will be held in Geneva between May 9th and May 12th, 2019. Sponsored by a Geneva based gem dealer named Charles Abouchar, each student was given two stones: amethysts or citrines to imagine a jewelry collection and  create a prototype.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

It all started last May when 17 years-old Camille Combremont became the winner of Young Pearls, the first collaboration between the jewelry show GemGenève and the HEAD, the Geneva based eminent school known for the art and design programs. Backed-up by  Thomas Faerber one of the co-founder of the show, Camille Combremont was able to realize her jewelry project with moonstones she will be presenting this year at GemGenève.

Moving forward, Young Gems depicts the class of 2019  in which the 22 students had one month to imagine a collection of three pieces and one prototype set with semi-precious stones. In doing-so, the HEAD students from the Class of 2019 were compelled to work around two types of quartz : the citrine and the amethyst. If those two stones are part of the same gem family, one is yellow with orange hues when the other is mauve with a hint of dark purple. Both are known for their healing properties triggering creativity and inspiration. What a better way to fuel up these new talents trying to burst into the jewelry world.

Nastassia Erhel- Souvenir de Rome Ring

The Jury has selected 16 profiles in which each one of them won the opportunity to showcase their creations in public during the GemGeneve show held in Palexpo between May 9th and May 12th. As a matter of fact, there is not one winner per-sé but several talents demonstrating their different sources of inspirations that led them to create different jewelry pieces based on the same brief and provided with the same stones using a broad spectrum of references.

We could not help but noticing the candy yet contrasted look that Charlotte Angeloz chose to give her ring in setting the vivid orange citrines with a type of pink resin to hold  the stones in place. Claudia Roque-Andrade decided to build a metallic cage around her amethyst in order for the stone to free flow within the structure of the ring or the bracelet. Nastassia Erhel payed tribute to the Antique Rome with an optical illusion in playing with the loupe effect of the depth of her citrine putting an engraved plate placed just under the set stone but on the upper hand of the ring mounting.

In order to discover the pieces in real life in addition to admiring this year’s talents – Don’t hesitate to come visit them during the show and tell them what you think !


Camille Combremont - Winning piece of the Young Pearls Design Competition
Camille Combremont – Winning piece of the Young Pearls Design Competition
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